Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety?

Have you been hearing a lot about CBD oil lately? If you’ve researched natural pain relief recently, chances are you’ve come across CBD oil. But what is this “new” oil that seemingly works wonders for whoever tries it? Where did it come from? Does it actually work?

Pain relief may be the most common of uses for CBD oil, but there are a handful of other ailments it may remedy. The question here is:

Can CBD Oil Help Reduce Stress & Anxiety?

The short answer? There is promise that CBD oil can help with stress and anxiety, and in one Brazilian study, it helped significantly reduce anxiety levels among its test subjects. But let’s dive a little deeper into both CBD oil and how it can help reduce stress and anxiety.

What Is CBD Oil?

There is a lot of misconception about CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and marijuana. Are they the same? The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no. First, you must understand two types of cannabis: hemp and marijuana. Marijuana contains a high amount of THC, which causes the high effect that many seek when consuming marijuana. Hemp, however, has a significantly lower amount of THC, so much lower in fact that it would be impossible to get high from it. 

CBD oil can technically be extracted from both plants, but since the marijuana plant is illegal in most of the country, the hemp plant is the primary source for CBD oil across the United States.

However, since CBD oil is not regulated, the effectiveness and quality of CBD oil can vary greatly from brand to brand. It’s important to conduct your own research to find a brand that delivers the best quality of CBD oil.

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Research Behind CBD Oil & Anxiety

If you do a general search online or talk to close friends, you’ll find plenty of anecdotal evidence that CBD oil “works wonders” in reducing anxiety. The mileage can vary here in these isolated situations. It could be that some of these people have low levels of anxiety that most people experience in day-to-day life. Others may suffer from anxiety disorders. The fact is that there is still little research to definitively declare CBD oil as an official anxiety reducer.

Healthline reported on the Brazilian study mentioned above in which 57 men received either a placebo or CBD oil prior to undertaking a public speaking test. The results of the study concluded that a dose of 300mg CBD oil was most effective in reducing anxiety among the test subjects.

Again, this was a situation that may have only provided low levels of typical anxiety, so the results may not be applicable to those who suffer from more crippling anxiety.

U.S. News reported on one particular study involving mice, in which CBD oil was found to have a similar result in producing anti-depressant effects as found in the common antidepressant medication, imipramine. There have been other studies conducted on small groups of people that yielded similar results.

What Does It All Mean?

The bottom line is that there needs to be a lot more research behind the true effectiveness of CBD oil on stress and anxiety, but based on the limited and small studies conducted on both humans and animals, there is some evidence to support the belief that using CBD oil can help reduce anxiety.

Again, do your research on where you can find the highest quality of CBD oil for the best possible results.

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