How To Use CBD For Better Sleep (and Insomnia)

Not being able to sleep is one of the worst feelings in the world. Sleep helps our bodies relax and restore every single night. If you’re someone who tosses and turns until the birds start chirping, you’re not getting the sleep you need for your health, and it can exacerbate other conditions you may have. Fortunately, early studies have indicated that high dosages of CBD may support sleep. If you’re interested in using CBD for sleep or insomnia, then keep reading. Research is on your side!

Does CBD Support Sleep?

Several studies have demonstrated that CBD has a positive impact on sleep. Here are just a few examples.

  • One study indicated that a CBD dosage of 160 milligrams increased sleep duration. This may be because levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – typically peak in the morning. However, people with insomnia often have high cortisol levels at night. Having high cortisol levels at night is often associated with increased nighttime awakenings.
  • One study found that cortisol levels decreased with an increased quantity of CBD oil (300 mg to 600 mg). This shows that CBD acts as a potential sedative, which may help users stay in a deeper sleep with fewer nighttime awakenings.
  • One study evaluated the effective dosages levels of CBD for sleep. While lower levels of CBD (ex: 25 mg) were effective for anxiety, sleep troubles required higher dosages. This study was 3 months long, and although initially participants reported better sleep in the short-term, the improved sleep was not sustained. Thus, while CBD may be helpful initially, it is not guaranteed to help sleep long-term and cannot be relied on.

CBD for Insomnia

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The studies – although early – do indicate that CBD supports sleep. Because CBD has so many other uses, including chronic pain and depression, it’s particularly appealing to those looking for a “catch-all” remedy.

When thinking about CBD for insomnia, it helps to do research on what causes poor sleep. Insomnia is caused by all of the following:

  • Mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.)
  • Medication that disturbs your sleep-wake cycle
  • Caffeine (especially when consumed closer to bedtime)
  • Environmental factors (loud noises, uncomfortable sleeping environment, etc.)

When insomnia is caused by external factors or related conditions such as chronic pain, CBD for sleep can be especially helpful. It’ll treat the causes of sleeplessness and thus help you get more rest to rejuvenate your body.

How CBD Improves Sleep

Even though studies have largely pointed to the fact that CBD is a positive factor in sleep duration, the science isn’t yet conclusive on why this is. Additional testing needs to be done. That said, as noted above, it’s likely that CBD improves sleeps because it addresses those root causes of insomnia.

If you find yourself tossing and turning because of chronic pain in your body or because anxiety keeps you up at night, CBD oil for sleep may just be the perfect solution for you. As more people use CBD for sleep, it’s likely there will be more research done on exactly what it is doing in our bodies to help.

How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

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The best part about taking CBD for sleep is that it comes in a number of forms. Don’t love the idea of ingesting CBD oil? Eat CBD gummies instead. There are also creams, tinctures, pills, and capsules. No matter what you prefer, they have a solution for you.

When choosing your dosage, you’ll need to take a number of factors into consideration. Your dosage will depend on your weight, personal body chemistry, and the nature of your sleep troubles. All of these factors will impact how the CBD works in your body. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pinpoint an exact dosage for each individual.

If you’re just getting started and you’re looking for a baseline, most clinical trials have been performed with subjects taking between 25 mg and 1,500 mg of CBD per day. It’s widely recommended that users begin with low dosages of BD and gradually increase use until they find what works for them.

Be warned, it may take time for you to feel a difference. One 2019 study noted that it took up to a month for some users to feel a difference. Unfortunately, this means that you may not get those immediate results you’re craving, but if you’re willing to be patient, then CBD for sleep could be exactly what you’re seeking.

Does CBD for Sleep Have Side Effects?

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of sleep aid, and as a result, taking CBD oil for sleep may make you nervous. Fortunately, multiple studies have concluded that CBD is a relatively safe treatment. Although fairly uncommon, you still may experience some minor side effects. These include:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in appetite and weight

Furthermore, there was one 2019 study done that raised some concerns about potential liver damage when using CBD. CBD also has the potential to interact with existing medications you are taking. This isn’t necessarily a reason not to take CBD, but it is a reason to speak to your doctor before use to make sure it is a good option for you and your body. Mayo Clinic notes that doctors seldom recommend the use of sleep medication for longer than a few weeks. If you find that you’re still relying on CBD oil to get to sleep for weeks after you begin use, you’ll want to focus on finding the root of your insomnia and treating that before continuing use.

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Keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate CBD products in the same way they regulate prescription medication. As a result, it makes sense to do independent research before purchasing a product and make sure you buy quality when you do decide to use it. Look for products that have been third-party tested.

Final Thoughts

Before taking any supplements for sleep, talk to your doctor if CBD for insomnia could be a solution for you. Your doctor will help you understand how CBD can impact your body or interact with any medications you’re currently taking to treat your chronic pain. The good news is that, if your doctor clears you, CBD typically does a great job of treating the root causes of sleep problems and insomnia.

With CBD oil for sleep, you’ll feel more like yourself again. Visit Herbal Mana for more information about high-quality CBD products on the market. Don’t let pain and fatigue bring you down any longer!

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