CBG & CBN for Nerve Pain: What You Need to Know

Many people suffer from nerve pain on a daily basis, and the pain can get so severe that it's crippling. Nerve pain can affect any part of the body, and while there are pharmaceutical drugs that can alleviate the discomfort, they often come with their own range of side effects.

There are two cannabinoids that have been found to be effective in the treatment of nerve pain: CBG and CBN. Both of these cannabinoids (which are non-psychoactive) have been shown to have a significant impact on the levels of inflammation in the body, and when you reduce inflammation, it's easier to manage nerve pain.

Many people are discovering the benefits of using CBG & CBN for nerve pain, but it’s important to understand how they work and how to use them.

CBG for Nerve Pain

CBG and CBN for Nerve Pain dry herb in grinder with chemical map over top

CBG, also known as cannabigerol, is sometimes called the “mother” of cannabinoids. That’s because almost all of its precursor, CBGA, transforms into THCA or CBDA. A small percentage is transformed into CBG. 

Considered a rare and minor cannabinoid, CBG is arguably best known for its anti-anxiety effects. But it also has powerful anti-inflammatory, neuroprotectant and antioxidant properties that can help fend off nerve pain.

Here’s what we know about CBG for nerve pain:

  • One study from 2017 found that CBG was a promising antioxidant agent. That study also found that CBG had more potent pain-relieving and inflammation-blocking effects than THC.
  • CBG appears to affect both CB1 receptors (located in the brain) and CB2 receptors (located in the rest of the body, especially the immune system), but it has a more measurable effect on CB2 receptors.
  • Research shows that CBG helps regulate the release of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that calms the body and pain sensation.

CBG is a promising option for pain relief. In fact, evidence suggests that it’s even more effective at relieving pain than THC – and without the psychoactive effects.

CBN for Nerve Pain

CBN, or cannabinol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s commonly found in aging cannabis plants. The plant produces CBN as THC ages.

Like CBG, CBN has been shown to have potent neuroprotective and pain-relieving effects. Here’s what the research says about this cannabinoid.

  • A 2005 study on rats found that CBD delayed the onset of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The neuroprotective effects may play a role in helping with nerve pain.
  • Research shows that CBN may help alleviate arthritis-related inflammation. 
  • CBN has been shown to alter pain signals, which can help alleviate pain.

Because CBN is a minor cannabinoid, it doesn’t get as much attention and research as CBD or THC. However, the few studies we have do show promising results for pain relief.

Full-Spectrum CBD for Nerve Pain

CBG and CBN for Nerve Pain full spectrum CBD in bottles capsules powder on wood table chemical map on chalk board

CBN and CBG have powerful anti-inflammatory effects, and they can both help with nerve pain. When combined with CBD, the effects can be amplified even further.

CBD, CBG, and CBN work better together, especially when it comes to pain relief. In fact, a 2019 study in rats found that CBN and CBD, together, helped alleviate myofascial pain. Researchers found that they were more effective when combined than either alone.

CBG and CBN cannabinoids are both found in the cannabis plant, but they're not found in the same quantities. That's why it's important to get a full-spectrum product so that you're able to get the same level of benefits from both of the cannabinoids.

When you choose a full-spectrum CBD product, like Inner Warrior+ cream, you get the full effects of CBD as well as other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. To boost the entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD, we add additional CBN and CBG to really kick up the pain relief.

How To Use CBG & CBN For Nerve Pain

There are many ways to use CBG and CBN for nerve pain. Some of the most popular methods include:


Full-spectrum CBD gummies may contain some CBN and CBG. You can also find gummies and other edibles that contain additional CBN and/or CBG. It’s not always easy to find edibles with both of these minor cannabinoids, and it can be tricky to know how much of each one is in the product.

Nevertheless, gummies are an option for CBN and CBG. They come in a wide variety of flavors. The key most important thing is to make sure that the product lists the amount of CBG and CBN so that you know exactly how much to take to achieve your desired relief.


CBN and CBG can also be found in tincture form, giving you another convenient way to use these two cannabinoids.

Simply apply the recommended dose under your tongue, hold it there for about a minute, swish the liquid around your mouth and swallow.

Topical Creams

Topical creams are a great option for nerve pain. Full-spectrum tinctures and gummies can help provide all-over relief, but topical CBD provides targeted pain relief. 

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