Cleansing Crystals: How To & What To Use

Suppose a friend was coming over to help you with an important task. Would you prefer they were refreshed, focused, and acting from a place of heartfelt intentions, or tired from helping you yesterday, preoccupied with another matter, and a little unsure why they are there? The answer is clear, and so are your crystals' vibrations when you take time to cleanse them! But why and how should we be cleansing crystals?

cleansing crystals how to what to use selenite bar sitting on raw amethyst in an abalone shell on burlap close up

Crystals work by storing, clearing, regulating, and balancing energy. They are both vessels and channels of source energy, also known as divine or universal white light energy. White light energy always vibrates at the highest spiritual frequency, which can be thought of as intention. And the fundamental intention is to always serve the greatest good and highest purpose. 

As your stones make their way to you, they will absorb the energy of everyone they encounter, and once in your hands, they will store the energy they receive from you! Whether good or bad, energy can cause a crystal's energy to get stagnant and cloudy, blocking the free flow of divine frequencies. This is why it is essential to cleanse your crystals when you first receive them and regularly after that, maintaining their purest intentions and ensuring you benefit from their greatest healing potential.

Methods for Cleansing Crystals 

Other Cleansing Crystals

Selenite towers, quartz clusters, and amethyst geodes can be eye-catching and effective but also costly, especially if you are new to crystals and leery of a big investment. Smaller stones like clear quartz, amethyst, carnelian, and blue kyanite are equally helpful and more affordable.

Benefits: You can get started right away with just a few crystals, making the most of their cleansing and healing properties.

How to: Pair stones with the cleansing crystals for a minimum of 12 hours. Feel free to cleanse multiple crystals at once.

Incense & Herbal Bundles

Lighting your favorite incense or burning fragrant herbs like cedar or sage can help reduce your stress, ease your pain, and lift your spirits while restoring your crystals to their highest frequency. Try pairing herbs and crystals based on their healing qualities. For instance, lavender pairs perfectly with amethyst and blue lace agate because they share soothing energies, whereas sweet juniper is aligned with the invigorating frequencies of citrine and carnelian. 

Benefits: Smoke cleansing purifies your crystals, aura, and space simultaneously, opening three locks with one key!

How to: Run each crystal slowly through the smoke for a slow count of 10.


Moonlight effectively cleanses all crystals but is best suited for those that are white, purple, blue, pink, opalescent, and transparent. These stones often promote sleep, pain relief, relaxation, intuition, and emotional harmony.

Benefit: Moon bathing reconnects crystals to a type of universal energy known as "Divine Feminine," a powerful ally for chronic pain warriors, offering a sense of peace, comfort, support, love, and compassion.

How to: Place your crystals where they will receive the most direct moonlight indoors or outdoors overnight.


cleansing crystals how to what to use sunshine coming in through a window close up of the sparkling chandelier

Crystals are refreshed by the clarifying energy of solar rays, just as we are! Although sunlight can be used for cleansing all crystals, it is best suited for crystals with vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, and green.

Benefits: Cleansing your crystals in the sun realigns them with "Divine Masculine" energy, reconnecting chronic pain warriors to their empowerment, vitality, strength, and courage.

How to: Place the crystals where they will receive the most direct sunlight, indoors or outdoors, for a minimum of 1 hour.


Channeling universal energy by visualizing an orb or beam of light around your crystals is a highly effective way to cleanse them, clearing stagnation and reconnecting them to their highest purpose.

Benefits: The time spent fosters a connection to your crystals while creating mindful, meditative moments that can help lessen pain, ease anxiety, and uplift mood. 

How to: Take a few deep breaths and visualize an orb or a beam of light enveloping the crystal. Take as much time as you and your crystals need; as you renew and restore your crystals' vibrations, you will also renew your body, mind, and soul. 

Final Thoughts

These cleansing techniques can't be done "wrong," so no need to overthink them. Have fun and experiment, "when we prioritize the fun, learning will come!" 

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