Hope Elevating Blend & Charity Partnership

When you buy our revitalizing Hope blend you’ll be getting more than just natural pain relief, you’ll be helping a family through the holidays. In the month of December, 20% of the proceeds for every bottle sold will go directly to a family in need.

Herbal Mana is sponsoring a family for Christmas and we need YOUR help!

In addition to helping to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, our Hope blend is curated with a combination of calming, grounding, and revitalizing essential oils that help uplift the mind and emotions to help you create a more calming and cheerful space.

Hope is made with a special essential oil blend of: Lavandin, Lavender, Melissa, Ylang Ylang, and Osmanthus with Tangerine, Elemi, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Lemon Myrtle. When breathed in, these oils can help lessen feelings of stress and energize the mind. When used topically they can promote vitality, confidence, and a positive mood.

Not only does Hope combine pure, dynamic essential oils, it also includes a powerful ingredient never before used in our products that we are very excited to introduce…MSM.

MSM is an organic sulfur compound that naturally occurs in things like vegetables, fruits, grains, milk, some animals, and even humans. Organic sulfurs like MSM are used for joints, muscles, cells, skin and hair, and much more. 

Sulfur is found in over 150 different compounds within the human body. There are sulfur components in virtually every type of cell, so it is extremely important. 


MSM, which is a metabolite of DMSO (also referred to as DMSO2), primarily impacts your health by reducing inflammation and is commonly used as a supplement for arthritic conditions. Like DMSO, MSM also appears to improve cell wall permeability, so it can be used to help deliver other active ingredients.

Perhaps most important, MSM helps protect against oxidative damage. Within the last few years, at least four human clinical trials have been conducted on MSM and its ability to help with exercise recovery and muscle injuries like delayed onset muscle stiffness or soreness and large muscle injuries like that from a heart attack—all of which are related to oxidative stress and cellular damage that follows.

Also featured in Hope 
are DMSO and Magnesium.

DMSO is another sulfur-based compound often used for its pain relieving properties. 
DMSO is a powerful free radical scavenger and also has collagen-softening and anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it an incredibly effective natural pain reliever. (Learn more about DMSO here.)

(Pictured: Herbal Mana's 50/50 DMSO/Magnesium blend)

Magnesium is helpful for relaxing muscles and helping to calm feelings of stress. Some also use Magnesium for better, more restful sleep. Similarly to sulfur, Magnesium plays many important roles in the body and is critical for healthy cell function.

Proper levels of sulfur and Magnesium are not typically achieved in the average person's diet, so supplementing these can be highly beneficial. (Learn more about Magnesium here.)


Grab a bottle of our Hope blend today to help relieve pain, improve your mood, lessen inflammation and fatigue, invigorate your mind, and give to a family in need this holiday season. 

After December, 20% of the proceeds from Hope will go to a new charity each month ❤️ Check here to stay up to date on which charity you'll be donating to.


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