From Surgery to Certainty: Where Product Testing is Painfully Personal

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the heart of Herbal Mana, where compassion meets innovation in every formula we create. Today, we join Todd, our charismatic Co-Founder, and his remarkable wife, Anne, as they shed light on a question close to many hearts:  Do we use animal testing for our products? 

You'll soon discover our approach is anything but ordinary. With Todd's extensive history of over 20 orthopedic surgeries serving as our unconventional yet deeply personal testing ground, we embrace a method where empathy and experience lead the way. 

It's not just a tale about testing; it's a testament to our motto: "Hurt Less - Live More!" Join us as we dive deeper into what makes our product testing truly one-of-a-kind!

More of a reader? No worries! Here's what happened:

Todd: Hello again!  This is Todd & Anne from Herbal Mana. Answering a question we get from time to time… “Are your products animal tested?” 

Actually, the answer is no. We don’t do any animal testing. We only do… Todd testing. Which is kind of interesting.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated 24 surgeries.  20 orthopedic surgeries.  Broken bone couple broken vertebrae.  I’ve got all the makings of a great product tester. 

So when we come up with a new formula or are adjusting a formula, we don’t need to go to animal testing, we do Todd testing.  I’ve always got something aching, something that could be used for testing.  So yeah, no animal testing for us, don’t need to have any of that. 

No animal cruelty, just a little Todd cruelty.  But it all works out, it’s all for the Herbal Mana products, and it’s well worthwhile. 

Anne:  I get a chance, I get a chance, too, at times.  I’m definitely not a perfectly healthy person, but… more so than he is! *laughs*

Todd: Most people are more so. Anyway, it all works out well; formulations are great, and I’m happy to be a tester. That’s it!

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