How DMSO Works: Exploring the Science Behind It All

Dimethyl sulfoxide, or DMSO...

Is it really as ‘magical’ as many publications and pain-relief shops claim it to be? What are the main DMSO benefits? If you’re looking to learn more about how DMSO works, and what it really does, you’re in the right place. Today we’ll be breaking down the ins and outs to this groundbreaking compound.

Getting to Know DMSO

First, a quick recap of what DMSO even is. According to this scientific analysis, it’s a compound often used as a solvent in different biological studies as a vehicle for drug therapy. Studies also show that DMSO has a significant influence on the chemical makeup of cell membranes.

Okay, so what does that mean?

It means that DMSO has the potential to treat a number of medical concerns beyond its approval to treat interstitial cystitis. According to Healthline, there are few other uses for DMSO, including:

  • Reducing pain & inflammation caused by arthritis
  • Treating bladder pain and inflammation
  • Slowing the progression of cancer

Where Does DMSO Come From?

DMSO is derived from pine trees, found as a byproduct of paper manufacturing. It was discovered nearly two centuries ago and has had a unique history ever since. Sources claim that DMSO can also be found in garlic, as one of the upwards of 70 sulfur compounds found in the plant.

Skeleton formula for DMSO

How Exactly Does DMSO Work?

Per the study referenced above, the kinetics of release from DMSO-treated cells are typically faster than that of untreated cells. The study alleges that this behavior leads to the alteration of exocytosis, the process by which the contents of a cell vacuole are released to the exterior through the fusion of the vacuole membrane with the cell membrane.

Putting it simply: DMSO is able to absorb into the body much faster than other compounds. It’s also is a flexible substance, one of few with the ability for administration orally, topically, or through injection.

Why Does DMSO Work?

You may not know this, but sulfur compounds found in the cells of the body are essential and indispensable due to the number of chemical reactions involved in bodily cleansing and detoxification processes. The sulfur in the body binds with toxic metals that enter the body, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, nickel, arsenic, and cadmium, and then expels them through bodily functions such as urination, defecation, and sweating.

This is where DMSO comes into play.

DMSO protects the cells from any damage mechanically or chemically, through remarkably small doses compared to pharmaceuticals that claim to have the same benefits and effects. That process is imperative as different body molecules produce unequal and varied numbers of electrons, thereby creating instability due to the numeric excess, resulting in potential cell destruction, according to this article on DMSO. The author notes that DMSO hooks on to the excess molecules and assists in expelling them from the body. Additionally, they claim that DMSO has been shown to be an effective pain killer as it blocks the nerve conduction fibers that produce pain, simultaneously reducing inflammation and swelling through the elimination of the aforementioned chemicals.

Herbal Mana & DMSO

We at Herbal Mana embrace DMSO as one of the (if not the) top natural pain relievers on the market. Pain is often the #1 reason people make their way to a doctor’s office, to seek medical help to relieve that pain as quickly as possible. Why? Because pain has the unmatched ability to interfere with people’s day-to-day activities as well as their general quality of life.

That’s why having a quick and accessible solution that is also natural, such as DMSO, is a great alternative to over-the-counter pills and prescriptions. If you’re wanting to avoid the unwanted side-effects to typical painkillers, and reduce the potential for opioid addiction and related deaths, DMSO is an amazing alternative. It’s safest both generally and specifically as it pertains to your central nervous system.

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