Is Leaky Gut Making Your Pain & Inflammation Worse?

You’ve no doubt heard the term “leaky gut” all over medical blogs and social media lately as we’re beginning to learn just how vital gut health is to our health overall.

But what is leaky gut? And is it making your pain and inflammation worse? We’ve asked Dr. Thad Chandler to help us take a closer look:


"This is one of my favorite topics and I'm pretty passionate about it because of the type of results that I've seen in my patients over the years who will listen to my advice. So I'm going to counsel you right now. Please pay attention. This is an important topic because one of the ways to reduce overall pain that you have is to bring the level of inflammatory chemicals in your body down. 

Today we're going to talk about a specific area of gut health called leaky gut. The official medical terminology is intestinal permeability. When you have increased intestinal permeability, you set yourself up for a ginormous inflammatory cascade that causes pain throughout the entire body and leads to autoimmune disorders..."

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