Root Chakra Blocked? Crystals, Essential Oils, and More To Help!

We hope you enjoyed our introduction to the primary chakras. Now we are ready to take a deeper look into chakra healing. We'll help you answer the question "is my root chakra blocked?", and give you root chakra crystals, essential oils, and more that can help bring it back into balance!

Fittingly known as the root chakra, the 1st chakra is found deep down at the base of the spine. This is the energy center that brings us balance, stability, and strength, connecting us to the earth's healing energy. Also known as the Muladhara, the 1st chakra's frequency is red, like crimson clay, and is associated with the earth element giving us a sense of belonging wherever we plant our feet. 

When the 1st chakra is balanced, our primary needs are met. We feel a sense of safety, purpose, and empowerment. Our emotions are stable, and our minds are focused. It starts with the root; it is the foundation of all wellbeing. A blocked, imbalanced root chakra is like planting a garden on concrete. You are a beautiful flower; you need a nourishing foundation to blossom! 

Signs of Blocked or Imbalanced Root Chakra

root chakra blocked crystals essential oils and more to help woman feeling unmotivated

If your root chakra's blocked, you may experience gastrointestinal complaints, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, sluggishness, or aches and pain in the lower body such as feet, hips, and lower back. Emotionally and mentally, you could experience anxiety, stress, burnout, lack of motivation, inability to commit, and feelings of being stuck. An imbalanced root can impact our performance at work, money management, relationships with others, and capacity to pursue our goals and dreams! This is often explained by unmet spiritual needs for belonging, comfort, security, direction, and strength.

How to Heal, Activate & Align the Root Chakra

Yoga for the Root Chakra

For centuries yoga has been used to help chi flow throughout the body and subtle body. There are yoga poses for every level of yogi, novices included, that can directly open and balance the root chakra. Those with limited mobility or new to practice might consider Child's Pose, Staff Pose, Mountain Pose

Food for the Root Chakra

While some advocate eating a particular color of food for each chakra, this may be an oversimplification. Root vegetables and root spices can be particularly healing for the Muladhara. Incorporating ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, garlic, nutmeg, or a variety of onions into your meals can expand and ground your 1st chakra.


Root Chakra Essential Oils & Herbs

Tree-based essences are well aligned with the deeply rooted energy of the root. Consider burning Palo Santo or sage, diffusing sandalwood, ginger, or frankincense, or massaging cedar or ylang-ylang oil into the skin.

Root Chakra Crystals

As a good rule of thumb, red stones such as garnet, red tiger's eye, and red jasper tend to support the root, but you don't have to limit yourself to red crystals. Many dark-colored stones can give your Muladhara a boost. Consider working with hematite, black tourmaline, or mahogany obsidian, which are powerfully strengthening, calming, and protective against negative energy. 

Mental & Emotional

Healing Activities & Hobbies for the Root Chakra

Chakra healing doesn't have to go too far outside your comfort zone. You can clear and nourish your chakras by doing the things you already love. Homey hobbies and nature-based activities such as cooking, knitting, gardening, or simply spending time in nature can be relaxing and rewarding while strengthening your root chakra. 

Journal Prompts for the Root Chakra

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Reflecting on emotional security, spiritual purpose, and stability can promote a stronger connection with your root chakra. Consider using the following journal prompts to get you started.

  • What am I thankful for in my life?
  • What activities or relationships bring me fulfillment? How and why?
  • What have been your most meaningful contributions to the world?

Affirmations for the Root Chakra

Make the most of the versatility affirmation practice provides. You can recite affirmations for your 1st chakra as you do grounding yoga poses, sit on a park bench observing nature, or as a quick energy realignment throughout the day.  

Here are a few affirmations to get you started.

  • I have a special purpose in the world
  • I am safe, secure, and strong
  • I am powerful in the present

Remember, when roots are deep, they connect to rivers of peace! Next time, we hope to see you as we explore the sacral chakra, a powerhouse of passion, emotion, and enjoying life's pleasures!

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