The Top Apps for Chronic Pain (#4 Will Shock You)

Chronic pain quickly derails a happy, healthy life. If you feel alone in your battle to manage pain, you need to try the top apps for chronic pain. Each of these apps works to help you control and manage your symptoms.

Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, these top apps can help you.

Our Choice for the Top Apps for Chronic Pain

the top apps for chronic pain 4 will shock you woman sitting on couch petting her dog using an app for pain management

1. Branch

Branch, formerly known as Ouchie, is an app that hopes to find the root of your pain. The app uses two crucial things to help you cope with pain:

  • Data
  • Social support

The app’s founders are all pain patients who were exhausted from dealing with life-controlling pain. Now, the app uses input from the best pain specialists and doctors in the world to help others.

You can track what hurts, pain levels, sleep, medication uses and so much more right in the app. Additionally, you can connect to many of the leading health coaches and patients to help you manage pain effectively. Over time, you’ll learn what works and doesn’t work to manage your symptoms.

2. Pathways Pain Relief App

Pathways is a pain relief app that works to combine mind and body therapies to offer long-lasting, chronic pain relief to sufferers. The app includes multiple sets of features:

  • Guided pain relief program to help you understand your triggers and deal with them using specific strategies
  • Mind area to help guide you with hundreds of meditations to follow
  • Body area with exercises that reduce pain, improve strength, and restore mobility

And these are just some of the features available through the Pathways app. You can track symptoms, attend master classes, and more. If you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for three or more months, download the app and get started. Monthly, annual and lifetime plans are available.

3. Manage My Pain

Manage My Pain puts you in complete control of your pain. You’ll find the app’s interface filled with graphs, charts, and other data, which aim to help you deal with pain. Insightful data empowers you with multiple features, such as:

  • Tracking pain and activity with 45-second reflections of each day
  • Analyzing pain with data to learn about triggers and ways to ease pain
  • Sharing pain with doctors via reports to reveal your story’s pain 

Using Manage My Pain puts trends and patterns in your hands so that you can find ways to manage your pain naturally.

4. Curable

Curable is a premium and free app, but it’s one of the most highly respected and promoted. You’ll see the app in some of the world’s most popular magazines, and it uses science-backed data to educate you on pain.

The app works to show you the true picture of your pain, including connecting the dots of your brain patterns and how they’re impacting your body.

Features available in the app include:

  • Pain science lessons
  • Sample exercises
  • Stories of healing
  • Interviews with experts
  • A full program of 100 exercises
  • Community
  • Program customization
  • More

Many features are available in the free app, but the premium option is the best choice.

5. Releaf

Releaf is another excellent app if you use CBD or cannabis for pain relief. The app is free to download and allows you to join a community of people that want to help others find better faster pain relief.


Releaf works to help you use CBD and cannabis more effectively through anonymous tracking and data gathering, including:

  • Products you use
  • Where you purchase products
  • Real-time experience tracking
  • How much product you use
  • Side effects
  • Outcomes

Intelligent reports and treatment decisions are available to shed light on what works and doesn’t work for your symptoms. You also have the power to share reports with anyone you choose, including caregivers and doctors.

6. CareClinic

CareClinic is the final app on our list, and it’s a free option for pain relief. The all-in-one care management platform works to help you:

  • Create healthy habits
  • Stay accountable
  • Share your progress
  • Learn from others

The insights available through CareClinic allow you to make informed decisions when managing your chronic pain.

If you deal with chronic pain, consider trying the top apps for chronic pain. With the tap of a button, you can find new, exciting ways to manage your pain more effectively than ever before.

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