Unboxing Laughter: How Comics Help Manage Pain!

Welcome back to the unique and funny world of Herbal Mana! Where every tale is infused with our dedication to Hurting Less and Living More!

Join us as we embark on a delightful detour with Todd, or esteemed co-founder, renowned for his resilience and contagious humor! In our latest video, Todd unveils the unexpected link between laughter and pain management, all sparked by a simple unboxing. But it's not just about the chuckles; it's a testament to our ethos of "Hurt Less - Live More," showcasing how laughter truly is the best medicine.

More of a reader? No worries! Here's what happened:

Todd: "Hello, this is Todd from Herbal Mana.  I’m opening up a late Christmas package, it came from Amazon.  Let’s see what’s in this package!  

Ooooh! Very Nice! Baby Blues one of my favorite comics! Actually, I’ve got lots of favorite comics. Pickles, for instance, and, ooh, this really helped us understand our second child, our oldest son, Calvin and Hobbs!

I like reading comics. I don’t read superhero comics; I read funny things like Beetle Bailey -  no relation.

I find that it helps me, it makes me happier, it lifts my spirits. And I’ve noticed over the years that it helps manage my pain. And I found that kind of curious. So I did a little research, and I read a bunch of studies. 

One i read most recently, it’s a study that’s published in PubMed.  I love PubMed ‘cause it’s a great, very straightforward, peer-reviewed site for research. In this particular study, the researchers were working with folks in nursing homes, and they had two different groups.  A group with 36 and a group with 34. 

The group of 36 got humor therapy. So they read comic books, did things like that, or watched the old Carol Burnet clips. The other 34 were the controlled group, so they got nothing special. Just the regular daily activities, whatever it happened to be.  The researchers found that the group that got the humor therapy, that read the comics or watched the funny clips, their perception of pain and loneliness went down! Measurably! Because of the humor!

I love that.  In fact, I’ve always looked at humor as a way to help me mentally, but it also helps me physically.  There’s lots of things we can do to help manage our pain. That’s one. 

Another, of course, is to use some of our awesome products. I’ll put a coupon code in the caption; you can try that out. In the meantime, I recommend finding an old Beetle Bailey or Pickles comic book to help you manage your pain. 

I hope that helps you Hurt Less - Live More! Thanks, folks!"

Final Thoughts

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