DMSO 2oz gel 50/50 Aloe - Unscented

DMSO 2oz gel 50/50 Aloe - Unscented

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Pharmaceutical Grade DMSO gel with 50/50 Aloe Vera

(1) Unscented DMSO gel (2 oz jar)

  • #1 Purity DMSO Gel (vegan, organic)
  • Premium Ingredients & Packaging - We package our DMSO exclusively in UV resistant, cobalt blue glass bottles to ensure premium quality products.
  • Our jars are hermetically sealed (airtight) to prevent tampering, extend shelf life, and guarantee excellence.


DMSO: Has pain relieving and inflammation reducing properties. Promotes circulation, and stimulates the healing of wounds. Commonly used for Arthritis as well as muscle, nerve, and other joint pain.

See what our customers are saying! 

"Thank you so much for offering this product it works amazing on the arthritis of my lower back." - Marla
"This product surpasses all of the other DMSO products I have used over the years for my badly arthritic knees. It feels like it goes deeper, relieves most of the pain and lasts longer!! THANK YOU!!" - Steve B.
"My husband has been resistant to other natural pain relievers, and I bought a tub of the unscented 'just for the heck of it.' (My dad used DMSO when I was a kid) My husband humored me for the first application, and within 5 minutes his pain was decreasing. We now use it every night!" - Melissa M.
"I can't tell you how much the DMSO has made a difference. I have arthritis in my lower back and hip. At times I can barely walk. DMSO has given me the ability to actually live a normal life."
- Jan B.

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