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Frankincense Bundle

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As you flip through the pages of your new book, you're enveloped in the celestial aroma of Frankincense Essential Oil. The soothing magic of the Frankincense DMSO Gel and Royal Warrior Cream caresses your skin and muscles. It's not just a reading experience – it's a multi-sensory dive into the realm of gods!

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  • Comprehensive Relief: Breeze through life without pesky pains, muscle knots or the lurking shadow of stress.
  • 100% Au Naturel: Embrace solutions without a whiff of artificial nastiness.
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Special Insider Tip: Dive deeper into nature's embrace by using the Frankincense DMSO Gel, then layering with the Royal Warrior Cream. And don’t forget a drop or two of the Essential Oil in your favorite diffuser for a transformative aroma experience. 😉

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Thank you so much for joining us on this fascinating journey through the world of frankincense! We're so excited to share this treasure trove of knowledge with you, and we hope that it not only deepens your understanding but also sparks a lifelong appreciation for this ancient and remarkable resin.

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