A Natural Approach to Pain: What Worked for Me, a Former Skeptic

Hello! My name is Todd Bailey, I'm one of the Co-Founders and Co-Owners of Herbal Mana.

I wasn't always so eager to turn to natural solutions for really anything, so how did I go from skeptic to creating a company that would give thousands of people natural options for managing their pain? Today, I'll tell you.

You can read more about my story on our blog, but sufficeth to say, I have lived with chronic pain for a very long time. From the time I was playing high school football, in fact.

For years and years, I took over the counter and prescription pain medications as often as my body would allow trying to simply ease some of the pain I was in.

It's been several years since then and luckily during that time I've found much more sustainable ways of dealing with the pain and inflammation. But I wasn't always open to the idea of natural medicine.

I was as skeptic as skeptic gets when it came to the natural side of things. Fortunately, after years of trying, my wife convinced me to give essential oils a try. I couldn't believe I hadn't listened to her sooner!

Soon I wasn't just using oils, I was doing my own research into natural ways I could manage my pain. Dr. Thad Chandler, who you might remember from our Arthritis Unlocked course as part of our Pain Warrior Secrets program, was really a guiding light in my search for a more pain-free life.

As it turns out, there are a lot of things we can do, some big, some small, that can make a world of difference when it comes to not just pain relief, but inflammation too and overall happiness.

There was a time when I was so beaten down thinking I would never have the chance to run and play with my grandkids or to take my family to my favorite place on earth (Disneyland, of course).

Sure, the pain I was in then hurt and it hurt a lot; but what hurt even more was the idea that I wouldn't be able to enjoy my golden years after retirement because of my body would just be so worn down by years and years of injury and constant medication.

But then, I found hope. With the help of Dr. Thad, my loving wife, and a little research of my own, I can now say that I have truly taken my life back from pain and fear.

I no longer plan my day around pain.

I don't plan my business trips or even my vacations around pain! 

The fear of not being present for my grandkids is gone, as you can probably tell from our picture above. I go on hikes with my kids and my wife. When we go to Disneyland, I'm still able to uphold our tradition of being there from the time the doors open until we are the last ones out of the gate (which feels quite miraculous, after how many knee surgeries I've endured).

Life doesn't have to be pain.

(No matter what Westley said)

I hope you will take the first step like I did, not so many years ago to doing so much more than simply managing pain, but to strengthening relationships, strengthening mental and physical health, and living the most fulfilling life I was once scared that I couldn't have.

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I cannot wait to hear your success stories.

Best wishes,

Todd Bailey
Co-Founder of Herbal Mana

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