How To Speed Up Healing and Prevent Injuries

Everyone experiences aches and pains in their lives. Sometimes these aches are evidence of a good workout the previous day or they could be the result of sleeping in an odd position the night before, but these pains will usually fade away quickly. Sometimes the pains some people experience are more serious and recovery is a much longer process, like with a needed surgery, or an injury from a car accident. 

According to the CDC, 39.5 million people visit a doctor’s office per year for unintentional injuries [1]. That is a lot of people in pain. That number doesn’t even begin to reflect the many people suffering that are avoiding a doctor. They may be avoiding the doctor because they feel their symptoms aren’t severe enough to warrant a doctor's visit or they are afraid of a large bill due to high deductible insurance or no insurance at all.

There is no replacement for quality medical care, but there are things everyone can do in the hope of preventing accidents or supporting their bodies through recovery.

Preventing Injury

Preventing accidents is always preferable to treating an injury after an incident. There are many simple things everyone can do to limit the opportunity for injuries to occur.

  1. Back injuries often occur when incorrectly picking up boxes or other large items. Practice proper lifting techniques to avoid injury. When in doubt, ask for assistance lifting heavy objects. Don’t lift using your back muscles; instead, lift with your legs.  

  2. Spilling or tripping is a common way many people are hurt. Always clean up spills immediately. Keep walkways, especially stairs, free of clutter or other hazards. Rugs or floor mats should also be properly secured so corners do not curl or roll up.

  3. Not including deaths, about 3 million people are injured in car accidents each year [2]. Wearing a seat belt might not prevent all injuries, such as whiplash, but the injuries with a seat belt are often not as severe as they would have been otherwise.
  4. Working out, when done correctly, could also provide some protection by helping to strengthen bones and muscles, increase mobility, stabilize balance.

  5. Proper nutrition and correcting vitamin or mineral deficiencies might also help in preventing injury. One important mineral that many people are deficient in is magnesium. Without magnesium, the body struggles to absorb and use both calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D prevents the body from releasing the parathyroid hormone that can cause the body to reabsorb bone tissue[3]. Reabsorbing bone tissue can lead to brittle bones that are more prone to fractures and breaks. Magnesium is just one of the great ingredients in Recovery+.

Finding Relief During Recovery

Unfortunately, not all injuries can be avoided. Everyone will experience aches and pains throughout their lives. Thankfully, there are many ways to support our bodies through recovery with the hope of providing some relief.

1. Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate (R.I.C.E.) might provide some relief when dealing with strains, sprains, and bruises [4].

    • Resting is to prevent further injury.
    • Icing can help reduce pain and swelling.
    • Compression can help hold the affected area in place in the hope of preventing further injury. It is also done to reduce blood flow to the area, which might prevent further swelling.
    • Elevating can also prevent blood flow and limit swelling that can cause more pain in many cases.
2. Heat is also known to help provide relief when muscles are tight. This should only be done when inflammation has dissipated though. Heat can encourage increased blood flow which could be painful when an area is inflamed [5].  

Natural Tools For Recovery

Our Recovery+ blend was made with the goal of relieving pain and promoting faster healing. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to maximize results.

  • DMSO is the primary ingredient. It is known for helping to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. DMSO was also chosen for its ability to seek out and neutralize free radicals that could potentially cause oxidative damage [6].

  • MSM is also known for its ability to reduce pain and relieve swelling. Another common use of MSM is encouraging healing of scars [7].

  • Magnesium gets harder to absorb from food as people age. The skin can be a better option for transporting magnesium into the body. Magnesium is essential for helping the body absorb and use both vitamin D and calcium, that are necessary for maintaining the health of bones [8]. Magnesium may also encourage quality sleep that is necessary for healing [9].

  • Wintergreen essential oil is known for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation, as well as stimulate blood flow [10].

  • Frankincense is known for being a natural pain reliever which is why it was a clear choice for the Recovery+ blend [11]. It may also relieve stress, boost the immune system, and support healthy cellular function.

  • Many Other Essential Oils were also chosen for the Recovery+ blend. Their abilities range from discouraging the growth of bacteria and fungus to encouraging muscles to relax. 

According to a study done in 2013 on postoperative care, managing pain and keeping patients as comfortable as possible can help encourage faster recovery and reduce postoperative complications [12]. Recovery+ could be another tool to help keep patients more comfortable so they can rest and focus on healing.

Whether you are looking for relief from post-workout pain so you can get back in the gym or are looking for a way to find natural pain relief and aid your healing process from an injury or surgery, give Recovery+ a try.





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