Frankincense Essential Oil + DMSO Uses and Benefits

Frankincense has been used for medicinal purposes since 1500 B.C. and with the many benefits it provides, it's no wonder why it's still widely used today. At Herbal Mana, we infuse our frankincense essential oil with DMSO gel, which provides even more benefits than frankincense does on its own. 

Let's look at why frankincense is so great for you and how being infused with DMSO can help provide you with even more benefits

Where Does Frankincense Come From?

Frankincense resin dripping from tree branch

Frankincense oil is produced from the resin of the Boswellia sacra tree. These trees are commonly found growing on rocky slopes and southern coastal mountains. The Boswellia sacra are native to Ethiopia, northern Somalia, south-western Oman, and southern Yemen.

This oil contains a mixture of monoterpenes such as alpha-pinene, Limonene, alpha-Thujene, and beta-Pinene.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil

Frankincense has a number of wonderful properties that provide numerous benefits for your body. These are just a few of the benefits it has to offer:

Better Skin

Many people use frankincense in their skincare routine. Frankincense oil promotes cellular health, allowing you to have better skin. Frankincense is also a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, and lift and tighten skin.

Reduces Inflammation

Frankincense oil contains many natural ingredients that help decrease inflammation. This anti-inflammatory effect makes it great to use if you have arthritis, swollen joints, or aching muscles. The reason frankincense is so great for stopping inflammation is due to the fact that it prevents the release of leukotrienes, which is a compound that induces inflammation. 

Improves Gut Function

The same anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling can also help improve how your gut functions. Frankincense aids with digestion and bowel movements and has been shown to be effective in treating stomach ulcers as well. 

Why Infuse Frankincense with DMSO?

A bottle of frankincense oil next to frankincense cubes on a table

DMSO has an interesting property that assists other medicine in absorbing more quickly into the body. That's why our frankincense infused with DMSO is so effective. The DMSO gel allows the frankincense to enter the body more effectively and get directly to the affected source much quicker. Infusing 100% Sustainably Sourced, Pure Therapeutic Grade Frankincense essential oil with DMSO enhances the absorption rate of the Frankincense, making it that much more beneficial on TOP of the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of DMSO!

Herbal Mana's Frankincense DMSO Gel

With all of its amazing uses and benefits, it's no wonder frankincense-infused DMSO continues to be one of our top sellers! 


Many people who have tried our Frankincense DMSO Gel enjoy using it before going to bed to help ease their pain to promote a healthy night's sleep. Others use it on their aching knees if they're on their feet all day. Because this is a gel substance, it's easy to use anywhere you're experiencing pain on your body. 

Try this powerful combo for yourself and see what a difference it can make! Grab a bottle while they're on sale here.




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