Baby Safe Essential Oils: What You Can Use & Diffuse Around Kids

Essential oils can be used to ease anxiety, reduce stress, lift your mood, help with skin issues, and more. But, if you’re planning to use our essential oil blends in your home through a diffuser, homemade cleaning products, or topically, you may be wondering whether they are safe around your babies. Some oils are safe for use around babies, but which ones? Let’s take a closer look at baby-safe essential oils. But first, there are some things you should know about using oils around children and babies.

Essential Oils and Children: What You Need to Know

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While many essential oils are gentle, it’s still important to use them properly around children. Remember that essential oils are potent and should always be used with caution and common sense.

Here are some tips for using essential oils with children, according to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital:

  • Never apply undiluted essential oils to your child’s skin or use undiluted oils in bathwater.
  • Never allow your child to swallow essential oils.
  • Don't overdo it.
  • Never use essential oils near a heat source or near the eyes, nose, or ears.
  • Avoid using peppermint oil on children under 30 months old.
  • Always do a patch test if you’re applying diluted essential oil to the skin.

Consult with your doctor before using essential oils on or around your children.

Also, when diffusing essential oils around babies over the age of 6 months, don’t overdo it. Generally, you don’t want to diffuse for more than an hour at a time. Monitor your baby’s reaction, and stop diffusing if you notice any discomfort, fussing, or anything out of the ordinary.

Dilution is Key

If you plan to use essential oils on or around your children, dilution is crucial. 

  • Water-based diffusers are an excellent option for aromatherapy, and they offer a simple way to dilute essential oils.
  • If applying to the skin, essential oils should be heavily diluted with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, vegetable oil, or coconut oil.

For babies 3+ months of age, the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy recommends diluting essential oils at a ratio of 0.5 to 1%. Don’t forget to patch test before applying essential oils. Your baby’s skin is more sensitive than your own. Even when diluted, essential oils can still irritate or make your baby’s skin more sensitive to sunlight.

7 Baby Safe Essential Oils

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to avoid using essential oils on children under 6 months of age. In addition, some essential oils are only safe for children of a certain age. Here is a list of some essential oils that are safe to diffuse and use around your kids:

1. Chamomile

Roman and German chamomile are gentle, and their calming effects may help babies with sleep difficulties. Lavender and chamomile may also help alleviate symptoms of colic. 

2. Ylang Ylang (Over 2 Years Of Age)

Known for its pleasant scent and calming effects, ylang ylang can be used on babies over the age of two. Diffusing this oil can help ease stress and anxiety for both you and your little one.

3. Lavender

Another calming essential oil that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Easing stress and anxiety
  • Soothing skin irritation, bug bites, or sunburns

Lavender’s pleasant scent and soothing properties make it one of the most popular essential oils out there.

4. Blue Tansy

Blue Tansy is also known as Moroccan blue chamomile, and it has skin-soothing effects thanks to its high concentration of camphor. Research also shows that this oil can help ease inflammation.

5. Orange and Lemon

baby safe essential oils what you can use diffuse orange lemon slice with yellow rose and oil

Most citrus essential oils are gentle enough for use around children. Citrus essential oils have a refreshing scent, and they can put you in a good mood. Generally, it’s okay to diffuse citrus essential oils around children aged 6 months and older. For topical use, avoid using these oils on children under the age of 2. Generally, it’s okay to diffuse citrus essential oils around children aged 6 months and older. For topical use, avoid using these oils on children under the age of 2.

6. Geranium

Geranium essential oil is commonly used for calming anxiety, repelling bugs, and cleaning. If you plan to use this oil around children, diffusing is generally okay around children who are at least 6 months of age. For topical use, this oil is only suitable for children aged 2 years of age and older.

7. Ginger 

Many people use ginger essential oil to help with nausea and pain, but it can also help with migraines, colds, and other issues. Ginger essential oil is generally okay to diffuse around babies over the age of six months, but topical use should only be used on children over the age of two years old.


If you’re like most people, you use essential oils for therapeutic purposes or just because you love the smell. But as a parent, you want to make sure that you’re not using any oils around your kids that may be harmful or toxic. While it’s best to consult with your doctor before using any essential oils near your baby, the oils listed above are generally okay to use and diffuse at the appropriate age.


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