Celebrating 2 Years In Business (with tons of prizes)

We made it! 2 years and still going strong thanks to all of you! 

To celebrate we want to give a huge shoutout to all our loyal warriors and give you something special... the BIGGEST giveaway contest ever!

Why is this such a big deal?

🏆 Grand Prize (Over $1000 Value):

limited time grand prize product giveaway with gift card
  1. The grand prize winner will receive over $1000 worth of our best-selling products + $500 Herbal Mana gift card delivered straight to your door and it's completely free! No hidden fees, no shipping costs, nothing. (seriously, it's 100% free)
  2. The person who refers the grand prize winner will also win the grand prize! That means both of you will get over $1000 of free products + $500 Herbal Mana gift card shipped right to your door and you won't have to spend a penny.

    So if you know someone that has a ton of friends that would love this contest and you're thinking "Tonya knows so many people that would love this. I bet she could win... But I don't want her to know about this because I want to win..." then you don't have to worry! Tell "Tonya" about the contest before someone else does because if she wins the grand prize and you refer her, you win too!

🎁 Mini Prizes:

Mini Prizes can be earned by reaching specific amounts of contest points. The more points you earn, the more mini prizes you unlock. There are no limits to the number of mini prizes you can earn during the contest. Each mini prize you unlock during the contest will be shipped after the contest is over. 

*Contest Points are not the same as Loyalty Reward Points. Contest points are earned by completing tasks in the contest like sharing on social media, referring your friends, special events during the contest, etc.

How To Win The 🏆 Grand Prize:

The person with the most points at the end of the contest is the grand prize winner, so it's important to complete the tasks like sharing on social media, referring your friends, etc. Each person you refer who joins the contest using your link will earn you an additional 250 points (and if they win the grand prize, you win the grand prize too)

How To Join The Contest:

Joining the contest is easy. All you have to do is click here and enter your name & email to get started. It's completely free to join, no strings attached. 

win over $1000 free products + $500 gift card and join the contest


Contest Ends: March 31, 2020
















Contest FAQs

How To Join The Contest
To join the giveaway contest, all you have to do is enter your name & email in the form provided here: https://herbalmana.com/pages/join-the-contest

🏆 How To Win The Grand Prize
The grand prize will be awarded to whoever earns the most points. If you refer the person who wins the grand prize, you will also win the grand prize which will be shipped out to each of you at the end of the contest. That means each of you will receive over $1000+ worth of products + $500 Herbal Mana Gift Card.

🎁 How To Win the "Mini Prizes"
There will be additional prizes awarded for reaching different levels of points. When you earn enough points, you will automatically be awarded that prize. Each time you reach a new prize level, it will be added to your list of prizes that will be shipped at the end of the contest. And in case you're wondering, everyone who earns enough points to qualify for the mini prize will win it. Yes, we know we're a little crazy, but we know that the more points you earn, the more prizes you'll get, and the more people you'll share Herbal Mana with.

Example: Let's say the first mini prize requires 3,000 points, the second mini prize requires 5,000 points, and the third mini prize requires 7,500 points. If you earn 7,000 points total by the end of the contest you will receive the 1st mini prize & the 2nd mini prize, but not the 3rd mini prize (because you didn't earn enough points to qualify).

Are The Points From This Contest The Same As Loyalty Reward Points?
No. Contest points are earned by completing the actions on this page such as liking our Facebook page, sharing on social media, etc. If you complete one of the actions in the contest, you'll earn points that go towards mini prizes and bring you closer to becoming the grand prize winner.

How To Earn Points
Points are earned by completing actions like sharing, referring your friends, following us on social media, mentioning us in a post, special events, and more. You must complete the actions using the form provided above for points to be counted.

What Are The Best Ways To Earn Points? (I want to win the grand prize!)
There are a few ways you can earn points quickly (like sharing on facebook, twitter, etc), but the best way to get the most points would be to focus on these three things:

1. Refer Friends to join the contest. Each person you refer earns you 250 points and if you refer the person who wins the grand prize, you will also also win the grand prize

2. Attend Special Events. Each week we will be hosting a "special event" where you'll have the chance to earn extra points and win even more prizes. These events are for a limited time only, so keep a close eye on our Facebook page and the emails we're sending so you don't miss out!

3. Place An Order (or a few). You can earn extra points during the contest for taking advantage of our free + shipping offers or placing an order of $50+ on HerbalMana.com. For more details on claiming your free bottle, please visit the contest page and join the contest. *You MUST complete the order using the same email you did when joining the contest or points won't be applied. Past orders do not qualify for contest points.

How Do I Refer A Friend?
There are 2 ways to earn points for referring a friend.

1. After joining the contest you'll see a link that looks like "https://join.HerbalMana.com/ref/_____" with random numbers and letters at the end instead of the ___ and there will be a button below it that says "COPY LINK". Click that button and share it with your friend. When they click the link you shared and join the contest, you'll be awarded the 250 points for referring them and they'll get 100 points for joining.

2. When you click any of the share buttons that say "Share on Facebook", "Share on Twitter", "Share on Pinterest", etc. and share a post to that platform, your referral link is automatically attached. This means when someone clicks that post you share and they join the contest, you'll be awarded the 250 points for referring them and they'll get 100 points for joining.

When Will The Contest Points For Completing An Order Be Added?
It can take a few minutes for points from completing an order to be applied, but you'll typically see them added within 15 minutes of completing the order. *Remember, you must use the same email during checkout that you did when you joined the contest or the points won't be applied.

How Many Points Do I Get Per Action?
Join the Contest: 100 points
Refer a Friend Who Joins the Contest: 250 points
Share on Facebook: 150 points
Share on Twitter: 150 points
Share on LinkedIn: 150 points
Share on Pinterest: 150 points
Share on Whatsapp: 150 points
Share on Messenger: 150 points
Like our Facebook Page: 150 points
Mention us on Facebook: 150 points
Follow us on Instagram: 150 points
Mention us on Instagram: 150 points
Place Order $50+ on HerbalMana.com: 2500 points
Grab a free bottle of Inner Warrior: 1500 points
Grab a free bottle of Frankincense DMSO: 1500 points
Grab a free bottle of Unscented DMSO: 1500 points
Special Events: *Rewards for each will be announced prior to the special event.

Do I Get 150 Points Every Time I Share To Social Media?
No. You only earn the 150 points from sharing to social media one time per social media platform, but each person that joins the contest from your shared post will earn you an additional 150 points. So the more you share, the more likely you'll get more people to join and the better your odds of having the most points and winning the grand prize at the end of the contest. And if you refer the person who wins the grand prize, you will also also win the grand prize

When Will I Receive My Prizes?
All prizes will be shipped at the end of the contest. We will reach out to each winner at the email you provided when joining the contest to collect shipping addresses or you can add your shipping address now.

Winners (USA): Prizes shipped to winners in the USA typically arrive within 5-7 business days.

Winners (International): Prizes shipped to winners outside of the USA typically arrive within 1-2 weeks but can take up to six weeks depending on customs.

Do I Have To Pay Shipping If I Win A Prize?
No, we will cover all expenses for you. All we need from you is your shipping address so we know where to send your prize at the end of the contest.

How Will You Know Where To Ship My Prizes If I Win?
If you haven't already given us your shipping address, you can do that here: https://herbalmana.com/pages/whats-your-shipping-address

I Just Ordered A Few Weeks Ago - Can I Get Contest Points For That?
No. Orders completed before joining the contest don't apply.

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