What We Know About The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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  • There are many coronaviruses. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the newest member of the coronavirus family and is the one making headlines currently.
  • As of March 8, 2020 there have been 3,100 deaths in China and 484 deaths everywhere else due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). There are over 200 confirmed cases in the United States and 11 deaths so far. (13)
  • Risk of contracting this virus in the United States is low, but practicing basic hygiene, like regular hand washing, is recommended.
  • Currently there is no approved vaccine or medicine for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). It will take time to develop both. 
  • Since there is no known cure, it is a good idea to boost your immune system now. There are many essential oils that we will discuss that are known to boost the immune system, help minimize symptoms of illness, and reduce the length of time of respiratory illnesses. 

global spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 international graph of confirmed deaths and countries

If you have watched the news recently or have spent any time on social media, you have probably seen many contradictory statements about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). There are some articles saying that the coronavirus is just a bad cold and other articles saying that this is the next plague. All the conflicting information is causing a fair amount of panic all over the world. When panic and confusion are abounding, it is important to take a deep breath and sort out the truth. Let’s take a few minutes to clear up some confusion.

There are a couple viral posts claiming that if you look on almost any disinfecting wipes that you will see that they kill not only the flu, but also the coronavirus (1). One of these posts claims that because the wipes claim to kill the coronavirus that this means the virus has been around for a long time and is something we shouldn’t worry about. Others claim that the packaging suggests that the companies that make these products must be a part of a global conspiracy because these packages were made before the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

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Before jumping to any conclusions, it is important to note that there is an entire family of coronaviruses. The disinfecting products were tested on previous strains of coronaviruses. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain, and since it is new there is a lot that we don’t know yet. Let’s start with what we do know based on this virus’ family.

Coronavirus Family

The coronavirus family was given its name for the crown-like spikes on their surface (2). These viruses are found in different species of animals and can sometimes be transmitted from animals to humans (3). These viruses vary in severity from the common cold to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, and difficulties breathing are some of the common signs of infection. In more serious cases, the virus can lead to pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and death. Doctors and scientists are working around the clock to learn more about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and figure out the best treatment plan.

young female scientist working in lab holding glass beaker filled with purple liquid and wearing face mask

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The 2019 Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China. It has now spread out of the country and there are currently 213 confirmed cases in the United States (13). As of March 8, there have been a total of 484 deaths from this virus outside of China (13). Despite there being a lot left to learn about the severity of this strain of coronavirus, no one is taking any chances. The CDC is working tirelessly with many different teams to prevent the virus spreading and reduce the risk of an outbreak here. To learn more about the steps being taken by the CDC, you can click here.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Unless you have been in Wuhan recently or are in close contact with someone who has, your current risk of contracting the 2019 Novel Coronavirus are low, but there are precautions that you can put in place in case the outbreak spreads. These precautions could help prevent you from contracting a cold, the flu, or the other illnesses that you are much more likely to come in contact with.

mom helping daughter wash her hands over the sink

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially before eating or after using the restroom. Other times you should wash your hands:
    • After coughing or sneezing
    • After caring for someone that is ill
    • Before, during, and after preparing food
    • After handling animals
    • After touching things in public spaces, like the grocery store
  • Avoid touching your face. Your mouth, nose, and eyes allow germs to enter the body when you touch them. 
  • Practice social distancing when possible, especially if someone is coughing or sneezing. Many illnesses can be spread through the air if someone sneezes or coughs. 
  • Make sure to get enough sleep
  • Maintain a healthy diet

Should you wear a mask?

A question that many people are asking is if it is necessary to start wearing a mask in public. Currently the risk of contracting the 2019 Novel Coronavirus in the United States is so low that it isn't considered necessary unless you are taking care of someone who has the virus (6). If you decide to wear a mask, make sure you use it correctly. Information on correctly using a mask can be found here.  It is also important to note that not all masks provide equal protection. A n95 face mask respirator is a better option for protection than a regular surgeon mask (7).

How To Fight Off Illness Naturally

If you believe you have been exposed and are coming down with any symptoms, it is essential to call your doctor before going in so they can take the necessary steps to prevent exposing anyone else and make sure you get the best possible care. Tracking this virus and preventing its spread is essential since there hasn't been enough research done to know the best way to treat it yet.

There is a lot of research on different ways to help fight off other respiratory illnesses though, that could be beneficial in treating the coronavirus in the event of an outbreak here. After months of research, we put together our Flu Bomb blend to help boost the immune system, relieve cold and flu symptoms, and help people get back to feeling their best faster.

essential oil being poured out of amber brown glass 15ml bottle with plants in the background

The following essential oils are just some of the powerful ingredients in our Flu Bomb Cream:

Clove: In addition to being a potent antibacterial & antiviral, clove essential oil also has a high antioxidant content, can help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and may help lower blood pressure while boosting heart health (8).

Cinnamon: This natural anti-inflammatory may help boost the immune system and fight fungal infections (9).

Eucalyptus: May help boost the immune system's ability to fight infections, act as a natural decongestant, boost energy & mental clarity, and relieve pain & inflammation (10).

Frankincense: May help relieve stress, boost the immune system, supports healthy cellular function, reduce pain & inflammation, and may help balance mood (11).

Oregano: This natural alternative to antibiotics has research that suggests it could help fight bacteria, is a powerful antioxidant, may help reduce inflammation & pain (12).

The best time to use the essential oil Flu Bomb Cream is now. Grab a bottle so you have it on hand before you get sick. You will thank yourself later!

essential oil flu bomb cream benefits and ingredients

testimonial flu bomb cream helped her pneumonia
testimonial flu bomb cream stopped sneezing and runny nose within an hour
testimonial flu bomb cream used for over a year now and stops colds in their tracks


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For ongoing updates about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we recommend checking the Situation Reports from the World Health Organization. 

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