Dodging Cows and Pain: Todd's Secret to Staying Active!

Here at Herbal Mana, we believe in the power of movement to transform lives! Today, we're thrilled to share a heartwarming and inspiring story from the archives of our co-founder, Todd Bailey. 

From childhood memories at cattle auctions to his daily routine of staying active, Todd's journey exemplifies our motto: "Hurt Less - Live More." Join us as we delve into how Todd navigates chronic pain with humor, resilience, and the right products, showing that with a little determination and the right support, anyone can find joy and relief in every step they take!

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Todd: Hello, this is Todd from Herbal Mana. I remember some Saturday mornings when my dad would have us so wound up, so afraid to move that we didn't dare twitch a muscle. Those are kind of interesting circumstances. 

We'd occasionally go to cattle auctions. At the cattle auctions, we sat in stadium-style seating. It's not a very big place, maybe big enough for a hundred or so people. Then, they would parade cattle through, and you could bid on the cows by raising your hand, and they would make you buy it at whatever price the auctioneer was saying. 

My dad had us thinking that if we so much as twitched a muscle or scratched an itch or anything at all, that we’d end up accidentally buying a cow.  So he had us just sitting there like statues, barely moving. Well, we didn't accidentally buy any cows, which is good. And actually, it was a good circumstance. Good time to be with my dad. 

But that not moving thing. Not such a good thing now that I'm older. I have to get up every day and get moving. We have to do that. Despite whatever aches and pains we have. I know we can't all move in the same way. I had to give up things; gosh, years ago, I gave up running and basketball in my 20s, gave up racquetball by the time I was thirty just because of, you know, injuries, and things came up a little earlier than most of my buddies.  But it’s just how it is.  But now I still get up and go; I'm almost 60. 

Every morning, I get up, put on my Alpha Warrior, maybe my Royal Warrior, maybe some extra DMSO, and then I head out.  Whether it’s out walking like this or off to the gym to do sort of weightlifting sort of therapy, taking care of all my old joints. 

It's key because that movement pays off in so many ways. Helps lubricate the joints helps maintain strength and balance and muscle mass, so I'm not getting too old too fast. On top of that, there are huge emotional payoffs. Just getting out on a morning like this, I get a nice hit of dopamine by being up and moving. I feel better; I feel more centered.  That's not just me; that's study after study indicating that movement, just getting up and moving, is so critical. 

So my routine: I get up each morning I take a few supplements for inflammation because I have a body that just manufactures inflammation, and then I rub on some product.  I get my DMSO products, my Alpha Warrior, Royal Warrior, and occasionally Inner Warrior, and then head out to the gym.   Six days a week, gym or walking just so I can get moving. Some days, I can put in a pretty good workout. On other days, the gentle walk. But the key is just being out and moving.

Well, I hope that helps. I hope you're doing the same. I hope you're getting out walking, moving in whatever capacity you can. That's it for today.

Thanks, folks!

Final Thoughts

Here at Herbal Mana, we understand the challenges of staying active while managing chronic pain. Todd's story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the right support. Movement is crucial not just for our physical well-being but for our emotional health too. Whether it's a brisk walk, a gentle stretch, or a full workout, staying active can help you hurt less and live more.

If you're looking for a way to ease the discomfort and support your daily activities, consider trying our Alpha Warrior+ Maximum Relief DMSO Cream. Todd relies on it every day to keep his joints moving smoothly and to manage inflammation. It's not just about feeling better physically; it's about finding joy in every step you take.

Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to help you on your journey to better health and more movement. Let’s take those steps together!

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