Fibrosis Types & Natural Remedies

Pulmonary fibrosis, also known as lung fibrosis, is one of the most common fibrosis types in the world. In fact, 13 – 20 people per 100,000 suffer from what is known as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. However, this is just one of the many types of fibrosis that can occur. Keep reading to discover all of the fibrosis types and natural remedies that may help reduce symptoms.

7 Fibrosis Types

Bone Marrow Fibrosis

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Bone marrow fibrosis is also known as myelofibrosis, and it’s a condition that can occur to anyone at any age. The condition is the development of scar tissues or fibrous inside of your bone marrow.

When the condition is present, the blood cells won’t be able to develop properly.

Over time, the scar tissue buildup in the bone marrow will cause a drop in red blood cells. When this happens, the body tries to compensate for this drop by increasing the production of cells via your spleen and liver.

Liver Fibrosis

Also known as cirrhosis, liver fibrosis is a condition that occurs when scar tissue and nodules begin to replace the liver tissue. When the disease progresses, the fibrosis can disrupt your liver function.

Reversing this condition is difficult, but there are ways to slow its progression.

If you suffer from alcoholism, the first step is to seek treatment. Since alcohol damages the liver in extreme cases, it’s recommended that anyone with cirrhosis stop drinking alcohol. Additionally, the following can cause liver fibrosis:

  • Hepatitis B or C
  • Fatty liver disease

Injury and inflammation greatly contribute to this condition.

Lung Fibrosis

There are more than 200 types of lung fibrosis alone, but most have no known causes. Annually, more men than women experience this type of lung scarring, and it seems that risks tend to increase for people that are between 50 and 70 years of age.

However, there are some common types of pulmonary fibrosis to know, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and familial.

Idiopathic means that there are really no known causes for the condition, while familial seems to be generic. The condition occurs to two or more family members with familial fibrosis.

Additionally, lung fibrosis may be caused by:

  • Diseases such as GERD or scleroderma
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals

Heart Fibrosis

Cardiac fibrosis, or myocardial fibrosis, is a serious issue that can lead to death. Scarring and injury occur to the heart make it increasingly difficult for the heart to function properly.

Cardiac dysfunction can develop, and heart failure will occur in more severe cases.

Those with widespread scarring versus localized scarring are at the greatest risk of heart failure. Unfortunately, treatment options are scarce for this form of fibrosis, but medications that stop or slow the production of serotonin are being explored.

Additionally, doctors may recommend valve replacement or resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a compound found in red wine that is being studied for its ability to prevent and treat cardiac fibrosis.

Mediastinal Fibrosis

Mediastinal fibrosis is a rare condition that is comprised of multiple forms of all mediastinal diseases. This form of fibrosis is thought to be a result of either one of the following:

  • Histoplasmosis
  • Tuberculosis

However, fungal diseases and other factors may lead to the formation of mediastinal fibrosis. The condition is a result of the proliferation of fibrous tissue in the mediastinum. Unfortunately, due to the rarity and severity of the condition, it’s clinically difficult to treat.

Sudden chest pain and shortness of breath are the two most common symptoms that impact sufferers.

Skin Fibrosis

fibrosis types natural remedies close up of a persons face who has skin fibrosis

Chronic exposure to chemicals or trauma to the skin can result in the development or increase of fibrous tissues in the dermis. As a result, sufferers may experience swelling, stiffening of the skin and may lose normal function in these areas.

Unfortunately, doctors don’t fully understand what causes skin fibrosis, nor do they know how to reverse it.

No cures or treatments have been shown to help stop skin fibrosis. Instead, any treatments for the condition are designed to slow the progression or relieve symptoms. In the most severe of cases, the best that can be done is end-of-life care that aims to make the person as comfortable as possible.

Systemic Fibrosis

Systemic fibrosis, also known as nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, is a condition that also has no treatment or cure. The condition is very rare, which makes it challenging to study and conduct large-scale studies needed to verify treatment efficacy.

The condition often looks similar to skin disease, where certain areas of the skin will become darker and thicker than others.

Often, the main factor found in sufferers is that they have advanced forms of kidney failure and are not currently undergoing dialysis. In severe cases, multiple organs are impacted, and it can lead to death.

Fibrosis Natural Remedies

Fibrosis natural remedies are a great option for anyone suffering from fibrosis, but you also want to consult with a medical professional. Due to the severity of fibrosis, it’s a condition that often requires traditional medical intervention and natural remedies to alleviate symptoms.

A few natural remedies for fibrosis to consider are:

  • Diet changes. A diet change is necessary if you have GERD or other conditions that may elevate your symptoms. Unfortunately, due to the many types of fibrosis, there isn’t a single diet to cover each condition. Leafy green vegetables are recommended for pulmonary fibrosis, along with citrus fruits.
  • Lifestyle changes. Again, you need to make changes that will have the biggest impact on the type of fibrosis you’re dealing with. Lowering alcohol consumption and stopping smoking can help for most conditions.
  • CBD. Topicals or gummies are good options if you’re experiencing pain. A 2018 review of multiple studies found that CBD was good for overall pain relief. Topicals are better for localized pain, while gummies are best for generalized pain relief.
  • Milk thistle. If you have liver fibrosis, introducing milk thistle into your diet may help. Milk thistle has an abundance of silymarin, an antioxidant. However, if you’re on medication, specifically for Hep C, avoid milk thistle.

Fibrosis can be serious, and treatments may be available to help stop the problem. If you have fibrosis, be sure to consult with a physician and rely on a mixture of traditional medicine and natural remedies.

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