Hurt Less - Laugh More: A Granddaughter's Innocent Question

Welcome back to the unique world of Herbal Mana, where every story we share is steeped in to the passion behind Herbal Mana. Today, we're venturing into a lighter side of our journey with Todd, our beloved Co-Founder, who's no stranger to overcoming obstacles with a smile!

As you'll see in his latest video, life with Todd is anything but ordinary, especially when a granddaughters innocent questions sparks a memorable moment. 

But it's more than just the laughs, it's a reflection of our motto to "Hurt Less - Live More" or in this case... laugh more! 

More of a reader? No worries! Here's what happened:

Todd: Hello, this is Todd from Herbal Mana! I just wanted to share a funny little experience I had recently.

I’ve had 13 knee surgeries over the years, including, most recently, knee replacement. So, lots of titanium, which makes going through metal detectors kind of interesting.

We were traveling with our 7-year-old granddaughter. She and I were going through the metal detector. She went through first, nothing happened, of course.

I went through and the alarms went off. And she spun around, and in a nice loud voice, she says, “Grandpa! Do you have any weapons?!”

Which led to a little extra attention, that I uh… anyway it all worked out. It was good. We made it through, got to go on our trip.

The funny little thing didn’t quite know what she was triggering there. But a lot of fun. I was glad we were able to get out and go, able to get out and Hurt Less - Live More!

I hope you do the same!

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