How to Charge Crystals

When we take home a plant or blossom from the nursery, we must provide adequate light, water, and warmth. We need to do this because, despite being replanted, it has been removed from its natural life-giving source. In the same way, when we uproot crystals from the earth, we must fuel their energy, maintaining the healing flow of energy that can cleanse anxiety, uplift mood, regulate pain, comfort, and support us. This is called charging, and we'll show you how to charge crystals below!

Reflect on how you feel after a gentle stretch, some easy yoga, or a leisurely stroll. Crystals are just like us. Often, when our energy flows, we tend to feel happier, healthier, and more energetically balanced! When we charge crystals and get their energy flowing, the higher their vibration, making the gifts of healing, love, revitalization, and peace they share more abundant!

5 Ways to Charge Your Crystals

how to charge crystals close up of heart drawn in ash surrounded by healing crystals sage and palo santo

Earth & Soil

A stroll through the park or lounging in the garden, connects our energy to the earth, helping uplift our mood, soothe the nervous system, and recharge our batteries. Crystals benefit in the same way when reconnecting to their natural energy source!

How to: Place crystals in tea filters and gently bury them in the soil for a minimum of 24 hours. Avoid placing crystals in freshly watered soil, as some crystals are prone to rust.

Benefits: Placing energizing crystals like green aventurine, citrine, and carnelian in potted plants also charges the soil.

Herbs & Oils

There are multiple ways to use herbs and essential oils to charge the energy of crystals. You can draw your selenite through sage smoke for mental clarity, sprinkle your amazonite with lavender for tranquility, or dress your sunstone in ginger oil for an energizing boost.

How To: Draw the healing crystals through the smoke from herbs (or incense) for a slow count of 10, “steep” the crystals in dry herbs for a minimum of 12 hours, or dress them with 1-2 drops of oil, setting the crystals aside for 24 hours.

Benefits: You can mix and match herbs and oils with crystals, experimenting with different frequencies or feelings to suit your needs. Remember to jot down the combinations you enjoyed most for future use!


Channeling universal white light by visualizing an orb or beam of light around your crystals is not only a great way to cleanse them; the added step of intention setting makes this technique great for charging and programming them as well!

How to: Take a few deep breaths and visualize an orb of light enveloping your crystal. Focus on this image for a minimum of 90 seconds. Next, repeat affirmations for healing, wellness, or manifesting happiness, such as “this crystal will manifest the best for my physical health,” or “together we will attract joy into my life.” This will supercharge your crystals and fill you with a sense of health, happiness, and hope!

Benefits: This is an opportunity for breathwork, mindfulness, and relaxation, benefiting not just your crystals but your body, mind, and spirit! 

Healing Frequencies 

how to charge crystals blue and gold singling bowl sitting on top of a pile of crystals

Do you have a favorite album you put on to boost your mood, destress, or cope with pain? Like your favorite tunes, healing frequencies can promote wellbeing. These frequencies work by shifting your crystals’ vibration to better serve your healing intentions.

How to: You can use a singing bowl or even go to your preferred video or music sharing service and search healing frequencies; 174 Hz works well for pain and stress, 285 Hz stimulates healing and rejuvenation, and 528 Hz can boost energy. Play the frequencies in the same room as your stones for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

Benefits: This method works for all crystals, so press play, and you and your crystals will both reap the benefits! 


A few repetitions of your preferred breathing technique, such as the 4-7-8 breathing technique, can help ease anxiety and manage pain. Incorporating your crystals in these routine breathwork practices waters two blossoms with one hose!

How to: Practicing your preferred breathing exercise, as you inhale, visualize yourself filling with light. As you exhale, envelope your crystal with this light. Do this for 30 to 60 seconds for each crystal.

Benefits: It is a profoundly restorative practice that can be done anywhere to contribute to your wellbeing and intensify the energy of your crystals. 

Final Thoughts

Try out a few of these different methods and see whats feels the best for you! Which every method you choose, your sure to enjoy the gifts of healing, revitalization, love and peace that your beautiful cystals posses!

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