Positive Affirmations to Say Everyday

At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy. Knowing that life is good and you’re content with yourself is one of the greatest feelings. But when you struggle with chronic pain day in and day out, it's hard to feel that way sometimes. Everything begins with a positive mindset and so using affirmations to help you get there is a great starting point and one of the most effective methods to make a positive change in your mindset and daily life. With affirmations, you can pull yourself out of the dumps and shift your beliefs about yourself. If you want to take control of your life and lighten your load, now is the time to shake off the cobwebs and find yourself again. With these positive affirmations to say everyday you can find peace and invite more positivity into your day!

The Influence of Affirmations

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Affirmations are a powerful technique that is designed to help rewire the brain. Over the years we have been conditioned to accept certain beliefs that can benefit or hinder us, depending on what they are. From childhood right into our adult years we’ve held on to these beliefs. For example, a common belief for those of us that suffer from chronic pain that negatively affects us could be “I will never find relief” or “I’ll be suffering from this for the rest of my life”. These kinds of beliefs damage more than just our mental health, they impact our physical health as well.   

Using positive affirmations will shift your mindset to one that expects happiness and abundance. The right affirmations are set in the present tense and will reprogramme negative thoughts so you can create new ones that better serve you. No matter how old you are or what has taken place in the past, you can make the changes you wish to seek. 

When you incorporate them into your everyday routine you will become more positive. As each day goes by you will see long-lasting improvements that provide endless benefits to both your mental and physical health. Keep an open mind, have fun with them and see where affirmations can take you!

Positive Affirmations to Say Everyday

These affirmations were created to help you find your zest for life again and improve your vitality. We’ve broken them down into positive statements that will help you with your health, happiness, and abundance. Practice saying your affirmations every day and you will see remarkable changes to your mentality.

It's like medicine for the soul that washes away your worries and troubles. By dedicating time and effort to these affirmations you will bring more exhilaration and peace of mind to yourself. Here are some positive affirmations to say every day.

Affirmations for Health and Healing

You can use affirmations to improve your health and general wellbeing. It's the perfect alternative to popping pills and can offer you some of the pain relief that you’re looking for. This form of holistic therapy is just what the doctor ordered!

  1. I feel strong, thriving, and full of energy
  2. I am youthful and active
  3. My body is functioning at optimal levels
  4. My immune system protects me from illness
  5. I have as much energy as a child
  6. I am a survivor
  7. I am so grateful to be alive
  8. I am constantly improving my health
  9. My well-being is the best it's ever been
  10. I am revitalized
  11. I am thankful for everything that my body has done for me
  12. I feel invigorated, restored, and refreshed
  13. With every breath I take I feel more like myself 
  14. My cells are vibrating with positive energy
  15. Healing energy is flowing into my life

Affirmations for Happiness

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If your mood needs a boost give these happiness affirmations a try. They will lift up your mood and give you the fresh start that you are looking for. For added consistency try and recite them throughout the day so you can maintain a happy mood.

  1. I can see joy all around me
  2. Happiness is my birthright
  3. Every day is a new beginning 
  4. Good fortune is shining down upon me
  5. I feel incredible inside and out
  6. I am a happy and positive person
  7. I look forward with optimism
  8. I allow myself to be happy
  9. I am a magnet for positivity
  10. I have everything I need to be happy right now
  11. I am excited and jubilant
  12. My heart and mind is open to all of the goodness around me
  13. I appreciate the little things in life
  14. It’s my time to shine!
  15. The more happiness I express the more it comes back to me

Affirmations for Abundance

Abundance is more than just money, it is to be plentiful. With these abundance affirmations, you will attract more of what you desire and experience an endless flow of rewards as a result. Think big and you will manifest on a like-for-like basis. If you’re ready to get more out of life here are some powerful affirmations.

  1. Prosperity flows to me effortlessly
  2. The universe supports me in everything I do
  3. Greatness is my portion
  4. I achieve whatever I set my mind to
  5. I expect miracles to take form in my life
  6. I am extremely lucky
  7. I am ready to share my gifts with the world
  8. My finances are bountiful
  9. I am capable of achieving greatness
  10. My dreams are coming true - thank you!
  11. I recognize my potential and so does the world
  12. I am aligned with my purpose
  13. I believe in myself with every strength of my being 
  14. I am wealthy in every way possible
  15. I am grateful for the abundance in my life

Positive Affirmation Tricks and Tips

There are many ways that you can use affirmations. One of the best methods is to recite them just before you go to sleep and first thing in the morning. This is because at these times your subconscious mind is more susceptible to absorbing external messages. It is the most influential moment in your day to use affirmations.

Another tip is to make reciting your affirmations fun! Shout them out loud, dance while you say them… make it a treat, not a task. The more energy that you put into it the better you will feel and the more your affirmations will work for you. 

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One valuable trick is to recite your affirmations more than once. The more than you say your affirmations the deeper they become ingrained in your psyche. Saying them a couple of times in a row is extremely beneficial.

Finally, the most important piece of advice is to be consistent. Don’t give up after a day or two, keep going to see the results that you want. 

Affirmations can offer you the answers to all of your problems. Don’t accept defeat or give in to negativity, use these positive statements to transform your life and bring about new possibilities. It may feel weird at first but over time they will help you to feel more healthy, happy, and abundant than ever!

You deserve to be positive, every day should be greater than the next. You can beat whatever ailments are troubling you and start afresh. Just keep believing and use affirmations to help you on your journey. Bookmark this article and come back to it if you need some more inspiration to keep you going! 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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