What is Blue Tansy? Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

Blue Tansy is a flower, often found in essential oil form, that has grown in popularity thanks to the anti-aging and skincare community. However, this essential oil has been used in aromatherapy for its calming effect for decades. So exactly what is blue tansy and what are blue tansy essential oil benefits? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Blue Tansy?

what is blue tansy essential oil benefits uses close up of yellow blue tansy flower in glass vase

Blue Tansy is a small flower that is one of the tansy flower varieties. The plant is native to Asia and Europe, but it has been introduced into North America recently. Despite the word "blue" in the flower's name, this plant is actually yellow. 

Blue Tansy essential oil benefits come from the:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Stems

When extracted, the compound chamazulene is formed through the distillation process. So, while the plant may be yellow in color, the oil will have a beautiful intense blue color.

Now that you know what Blue Tansy actually is, it's time to examine the benefits of Blue Tansy essential oil.

5 Blue Tansy Essential Oil Benefits

1. Anti-Inflammatory

One of the most common uses of this essential oil is for anti-inflammatory purposes, but there's been little research done in this area. However, there are studies on some of the components of Blue Tansy, which have been shown to reduce inflammation.

Two main compounds in the oil fight inflammation: sabinene and camphor. The chemical compound that’s responsible for Blue Tansy's color is also anti-inflammatory.

Plus, the inflammation-fighting properties are also good for the skin if you have a sunburn or irritation.

2. Skin Healing

Perhaps the main reason for the rise of Blue Tansy's popularity is due to the oil's potent skin healing benefits. Blue Tansy promotes skin damage repair. One study of note was done on mice that had been exposed to high levels of UV radiation.

The mice showed significant improvement thanks to the presence of camphor in the oil.

Alternatively, researchers in the study suggest that camphor may also have:

  • Anti-wrinkle benefits
  • Wound-healing benefits

If you have a skin breakout where your skin is irritated and swollen, Blue Tansy can help. Add the essential oil into your skincare routine to help ward off bacteria and fungus. The antibacterial and antifungal properties will keep the skin clear while the oil works to stop inflammation and swelling.

3. Calming Properties

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Blue Tansy is similar to chamomile in that it offers great calming effects. When you're suffering from anxiety or want to relax, adding a few drops of this essential oil into your diffuser can help:

  • Relieve tension and stress
  • Ease anxiety
  • Provide overall relaxation and relief

Many people add their Blue Tansy into a diffuser right before they nod off to sleep for the night. We recommend that you try the essential oil beforehand to ensure that you don't suffer any allergic reactions. If you can tolerate the oil, sleeping with the oil in a diffuser can provide a great night's sleep.

4. Antihistamine Properties

If you're suffering from congestion, you can use Blue Tansy to help clear the congestion. This practice has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, but it lacks research. However, you can try it out for yourself by adding a few drops to steaming hot water.

You'll want to breathe in the vapors and see if the oil helps clear your congestion.

While you need to inhale the steam vapors, it's essential that the steam not be overly hot. Steam can still burn the skin, so wait for it to cool before inhaling if it's too hot.

Using Blue Tansy

Like with most essential oils, you can use Blue Tansy in numerous ways. Ideally, your cream will come with this essential oil included. But if you're purchasing pure essential oil, there are multiple ways that you can use it effectively.

Some of the many ways to use Blue Tansy are:

  • Add a drop or two into your lotion or cream to improve its skin-related benefits.
  • Mix the essential oil into a carrier oil, such as jojoba or coconut oil.
  • Add a few drops into your diffuser.
  • Mix a few drops of the oil into four ounces of water, add to a spray bottle, shake and then spritz.

It's vital to dilute the oil before it touches your skin to avoid irritation. If you haven't used Blue Tansy yet, be sure to apply it on a small area of the skin in its diluted form to see if you have any side effects. Cease use if you have any skin irritation or other side effects.

Final Thoughts

Blue Tansy essential oil benefits alone make it an excellent option to keep in your home. Whether you're purchasing the oil for its anti-inflammatory or calming benefits, it's a powerful, all-natural solution that works very well.

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