8 Ways to Prevent and Manage Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, pain becomes a part of your life. Even those who have dealt with arthritis for years still suffer. With arthritis, the pain is more than physical, it’s emotional too. In order to prevent it from taking over your life, help must be sought.

If you suffer from arthritis, you want pain relief. In fact, you may want it now. And yes, while it is important to seek pain relief, it’s also important to first look at the cause. When seeking relief, you want more than temporary relief, right? Then the best approach is to stop pain before it starts. How? Luckily, you have many options! Some of which, we’ll cover in this blog post:


Exercise is vital to creating a strong and healthy body. Not only that, but exercise can help relieve and prevent the pain associated with arthritis. Those suffering from severe pain often let their symptoms go untreated and understandably so- their joints are so stiff that it literally hurts to move. If you have reached this point, it’s not impossible but it will take time. Whether you’re at this point not, start the process now! Exercise results in joint movement, lessening the stiffness and the pain over time. It also builds muscle strength. This strength provides the joints with protection, lessening of pressure, and lessening of pain.

Wise use of joints

Those who suffer from severe forms of arthritis suffer every minute of the day. They wake up and feel pain- they go to sleep in pain. In fact, a full night’s sleep may feel nearly impossible. Prevent joint pain by wisely using your joints and muscles throughout the day.

Do you suffer from arthritis in your elbows or hips?  If so, lessen the strenuous activity that requires these joints. Instead of lifting heavy boxes with your arms, lift with the entire body. Instead of turning only the upper part of the body at the hips, reposition the entire body to get a good look.


As previously stated, sleep can be difficult for those suffering from severe pain, but a good night’s sleep is vital to preventing pain. The energy the body receives from sleep can ward off pain or lessen its severity. Sleeping is the time the body is given to process and to heal. So if your nights are restless, sleep whenever possible. This may involve afternoon naps, but the payoff is worth it. A well-rested and well-energized body is able to ward off pain and manage it better.

Finding ways to naturally relieve pain and create a regular sleep schedule will be best for providing enough time for your body to heal and wake up feeling refreshed.

Do not load up on pain medication

Unfortunately, those who suffer from pain, whether it be from arthritis or not, rely on pain relievers. Some reach the point where they take medication before pain even sets it. It will arrive eventually, so why wait. Do not take this approach, unless advised by a medical professional. The body grows dependant on the medication we ingest, making it easy to become addicted to over-the-counter pain medication. To prevent pain, exercise, eat healthy, and get a good night sleep. Wait until the pain arrives before turning to over-the-counter medication.

Speaking of when the pain arrives, you now know how to prevent arthritis pain, but what if you still feel it? The above-mentioned steps prevent some from experiencing severe pain, but there are no guarantees. Our bodies are all different. If your attempts prove unsuccessful, the next step is management. Learning to manage your pain will allow you to function more easily from day-to-day. 

Reduce stress and relax

There is no doubt that arthritis sufferers deal with pain. This is a proven, obvious fact. However, our bodies play a huge role in the impact it has on our lives. A positive outlook on life will help. The less you focus on your pain, the less you will feel. Finding something you enjoy doing to occupy yourself with when the pain begins to set in can help take your mind off the pain. Relaxation is key too. Does a warm bath relax your body and soothe your joint pain? If so, fill up the bathtub, add scented bubbles, and turn on your favorite music.


“If joint and/or muscle pain is interfering with your quality of life, I suggest you give dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) a try.” - Dr. Julian Whitaker 

Studies have indicated that DMSO’s capacity of a free-radical scavenger plays an important role in its effects on arthritis. The Committee of Clinical Drug Trials of the Japanese Rheumatism Association conducted a trial with 318 patients and concluded that DMSO both relieved joint pain and increased range of motion and grip strength.

DMSO is also rich in sulfur, which plays a role in the formation of muscle, skin, hair, and nails as well as cartilage which is made up of collagen. Studies have shown that degenerative arthritis can cause less than normal levels of sulfur in cartilage.

This is just one reason we recommend our Recovery+ blend to try to help relieve pain and inflammation from Arthritis. With organic sulfur ingredients, DMSO and MSM accompanied by Magnesium and a blend of 8 essential oils like Frankincense, Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Helichrysum, Recovery+ is great for joint, muscle, and even nerve pain!

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Get a massage

Most patients are surprised to hear their physicians recommend massages. Most assume they will be loaded with pain relievers and sent homes. Of course, over-the-counter relievers do assist with pain, but so does a good massage. It relaxes the body and mind. Massages also warm the body and promote movement so in some cases, regular massages can help to prevent pain.

As you can see, there are many ways to avoid and manage pain associated with arthritis. In fact, these are only a few of your options! No matter what type of arthritis you suffer from or how severe the symptoms, know you are not alone and that relief is available.

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