Positive Affirmations for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain sufferers are more than our pain! We are spouses, partners, parents, siblings, and best friends. We have degrees, professions, accolades, and aptitudes, some of which are one of a kind like board game champions, expert brownie makers, gifted huggers, and connoisseurs of gift-giving, even if these titles are self-proclaimed… Unfortunately, there are times when our pain pulls us away from the lives we love. Thankfully, you can use techniques to help manage pain's influence on your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A good sleep routine, pleasurable movement, setting aside time for the people and activities that bring you joy, seeking support, and stress management. Stress management can include breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, and positive affirmations for chronic pain. 

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Affirmations are a fantastic tool because they incorporate mindfulness and breathing exercises. You can benefit from the practice any time anywhere; just take a few moments of deep breathing while focusing on the affirmations you say out loud or repeat silently in your head. You can use the following affirmations as is or rewrite them to ensure they resonate with you. Remember, one small positive thought in the morning can change the entire day! 

40 Uplifting Affirmations for Chronic Pain

1. I am more than my pain. My pain does not define me.
2. My pain is not my fault.
3. My body is not my enemy. I love and accept my body for what it is.
4. I have authority over my life. My pain is not in control.
5. I accept my pain in this moment, knowing it will pass
6. I trust my body and feel safe in it.
7. I view my body with unconditional love and treat myself with compassion.
8. I release my anger and sadness toward my pain.
9. Pain tells me more about what my body wants, and I am ready to listen.
10. I respect my limits; doing what I can is more than enough.
11. Every day is a new opportunity for healing and health.
12. Every day is an opportunity for growth and understanding.
13. Every day I am healing in one way or another. I love who I am becoming.
14. My pain is a learning experience. I am grateful for the wisdom I am gaining.
15. Pain has taught me so much about my bravery, strength, and tenacity. I am a fighter!
16. The future is bright, I am attracting health, joy, and abundance.
17. Having a bad day does not mean I have a bad life. 
18. I am courageous, confident, and capable.
19. My pain is not my choice, but my positivity is.
20. I choose gratitude, love, and peace.

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21. I deserve happiness, health, and joy.
22. I am a warrior. I can get through this.
23. Tomorrow, I will wake up stronger than today.
24. Tomorrow, I will wake up healthier than today.
25. Tomorrow is a new day full of opportunity.
26. Tonight, I will have a night of restorative, healing sleep.
27. Tonight, I will have comfort and peace throughout the night.
28. Today, I will take one moment at a time.
29. Today, I will prioritize my well-being.
30. Today, I see the goodness in all things.
31. Today, I will find opportunities for laughter and playfulness.
32. I have an abundance of support throughout my healing journey.
33. I will not allow pain to keep me from those I love or from doing what I love.
34. Pain does not invalidate how beautiful life is.
35. Pain does not invalidate my accomplishments.
36. Pain does not invalidate my worth.
37. Pain does not invalidate the positive role I play in the lives of others.
38. Pain cannot stop me from achieving my highest purpose.
39. Pain will not stop me from realizing my dreams.
40. I accept where I am right now. My focus is progress, not perfection.

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