The Healing Properties of Chevron Amethyst

A soothing, elevating blend of amethyst and milky quartz, chevron amethyst is a deep violet stone with white V-shaped bands, like the chevron pattern of its namesake. Generating, aligning, and amplifying frequencies associated with the elements of air and water, the stone is profoundly comforting, clarifying, and uplifting. Do any loving, supportive, encouraging, compassionate Libra, Cancer, Aquarius, or Pisces loved ones come to mind? That is the energy chevron amethyst brings to your life. There are many healing properties of chevron amethyst because it brings two Master Healers together, delivering you the restorative qualities of amethyst elevated to its strongest frequency and highest vibration by milky quartz, a variety of clear quartz.

The Many Healing Properties of Chevron Amethyst!

the healing properties of chevron amethyst tumbled chevron amethyst stones in a pile close up

Chevron amethyst can foster relaxation, deep, restorative sleep, ease pain, and surprisingly even energize us, as it clears, aligns, and balances the chakra system, ensuring we function at our very best on every level. 

How is this possible? Think of your chakra system as your friend group or family, whatever evokes the most joy. Every time you all gather, there is balance. When someone is missing, is in a bad mood, or distracted, something just feels "off."  When everyone is present and content, there is a certain rhythm, flow, and joy. Each individual is at their best, playing their part as only they can. From root to crown, chevron amethyst puts all the pieces in place, achieving that harmonious feeling across body, mind, heart, and soul!

Closely aligned with the third eye and crown chakra, chevron amethyst supports meditative and mindful practices and can enrich your professional, academic, or creative pursuits, enhancing cognition, memory, understanding, and mental clarity.

Chevron amethyst is known as a crystal ally, providing emotional support and comfort. Also, whether you are working towards more fulfilling relationships with friends, family, or yourself, it can assist as a stone of love, understanding, and forgiveness.  

As it supports our alignment with self and others, chevron amethyst encourages harmonious interactions through which we can learn more about those we care about and ourselves, making it an excellent stone for those striving to overcome the strain of chronic pain, fear, anxiety, sadness, or trauma.

Because chevron amethyst grounds and aligns us, raising our vibration, its spiritual qualities are plentiful! Whatever stage you are at on your spiritual journey, this stone can unlock the wisdom you need to reach the next level, fostering intuition and opening you to communication from your spirit guides!

Crystal Pairings for Chevron Amethyst

If you are using your chevron amethyst for sleep, relaxation, or stress relief, try pairing it with rose quartz, dumortierite, amazonite, or howlite.

Are you interested in reaching new spiritual heights and emotional depths? Consider adding labradorite, selenite, moonstone, or chrysocolla.

A "good vibes only" mindset requires purifying, protective stones to amplify chevron amethyst's cleansing and shielding powers. Experiment with black tourmaline, hematite, blue kyanite, or garnet.

Remember, our tried-and-true recipes often offer valuable advice, yet we rarely second guess ourselves when we choose to add our own touches, like an extra sprig of rosemary or dusting of cocoa. Blending crystals is similar, don't be apprehensive about mixing and matching the healing frequencies of crystals to meet your own unique and evolving needs. 

How to Benefit from Chevron Amethyst

the healing properties of chevron amethyst woman meditating on yoga mat with lit candles surrounding her

Chevron amethyst can be a welcome relief when faced with a headache or migraine. Chilling your amethysts in the fridge before use can feel divine for those who appreciate a cool touch! Larger stones warmed in the sun or a gentle heating source, like a microwavable heating bag, can do wonders when massaged over achy joints. 

On your bedside table or under your pillow, chevron amethyst can rival the sandman's best efforts and may also welcome more pleasant dreams, lucid dreams, or improved dream recollection.  

Adding a piece of chevron amethyst in a sealed tea diffuser can turn your bathwater into a healing wellspring. Watch your tension, stagnant energy, and busy thoughts go down the drain. The tea diffuser ensures your crystal won't go along with them.

Of course, you can always wear or carry your crystals, place them on your skin, hold them as you meditate, set them in a grid, bowl, or charging plate to fill the room with their healing energy. Try experimenting with different placements and logging the effects in a dedicated crystal journal. Record your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Ultimately, it will not only be a guide to crystal healing but a reminder of your own remarkable healing powers!

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