Todd & Anne's Journey: Turning Pain into Purpose

Welcome to a special chapter in the Herbal Mana story - a sneak peek into our heart and soul.  Today, we’re chatting with Todd, our Co-Founder and CEO, and his incredible wife, Anne. 

Their story? Oh, it’s not just any story - it’s the very heart and essence of who we are at Herbal Mana. Dive into their personal journey of overcoming the challenges that came with Todd’s more than 20 orthopedic surgeries and their discovery of a natural path to relief. 

They embody the spirit of “Hurt Less - Live More” every day.  So, come along, and let’s dive into this heartwarming story. It’s a reminder of the incredible power of natural healing and how it can change lives! 

More of a reader? No worries! Here's what happened:

"Todd: This is Todd and Anne from Herbal Mana.  Today we wanted to share one of the key stories, the key events that helped bring about Herbal Mana. I have had a few surgeries over the years. In fact, I’m standing at, I think 20 orthopedic surgeries, including 13 knee surgeries. 

So, over the years, I’ve had all sorts of prescription meds, over-the-counter meds. Sometimes they work, sometimes they just cause problems. My most recent surgery, thankfully, it’s been about seven years. 

Anne: Wow, it’s been that long

Todd: Been that long.

Anne: Wow

Todd: I got knee replacements, two in the same year.  One in January, one in December. When I got the first knee replacement, it was a full replacement, which is pretty invasive.  Cut off part of your femur, part of your tibia, part of your kneecap. It’s, I don’t want to say brutal, but it’s a rough surgery. They cut parts off and glue parts back in so the joint is solid. But to get at the joint after - they do some cutting. To help with the pain, the Doc gave me a handful of pills to take: opioids, narcotics, and such. And if I took all of them like I was supposed to, I got pain relief for about an hour. So I could sleep for about an hour. And then it would be another five hours before I could take anything again. 

Anne: So miserable nights. 

Todd: Effective. Oh yes, it was miserable.  But then Anne decided to try something on me a little different. What did you try?

Anne:  Well, I made up a cream and added some essential oils to it, and then I would just rub it on his feet at night. And then I put the cream on the bottom of his feet and just rub it in really good. 

Todd: Yeah, with wintergreen and frankincense. Always wintergreen and frankincense. 

Anne: And he would sleep for three hours.

Todd: Yeah, that was a real breakthrough.  The handful of pills from the docs not very effective. Well, I take that back. Really effective, about an hour, and then miserable for the next four or five hours. But with the cream.

Anne: You couldn’t take anything after that. 

Todd: Oh, I couldn't, no. It was fully loaded.  Couldn’t even take an, I couldn't even take an ibuprofen. It would just interact too much with all the prescription drugs. So, having the alternative from Anne with the creams and the essential oils, was really a breakthrough, mentally, breakthrough for me to see how powerful these natural ingredients could be. 

Anne: Yeah.

Todd: And I wouldn’t say that made the knee replacements easy, but man, a lot easier. Very Manageable. And helped me get back into life. Our slogan, Herbal Mana’s, is Hurt Less - Live More. Frankly, that’s when we had this event. That’s when I turned the corner and could see that, yes, we could Hurt Less - Live More, and do it naturally.  

Anyway, I wanted to share that with you.  That helps out the background of how all this came to be.  We appreciate you, folks *Bugs Bunny Sound* That’s all!"

Final Thoughts:

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