What Is DMSO Used For?

DMSO stands for dimethyl sulfoxide. Now try saying that 5 times fast! It’s a tricky word which is why people typically shorten it to DMSO. But what exactly is DMSO?

DMSO is a topical application used to help people (and some animals) with a number of pains. It’s great for anti-inflammatory usage and has many other properties that make it extremely useful.

Think DMSO might help you? Keep reading and see what it can do and where it comes from. It might surprise you!

The History of DMSO

Large piece of wood

This compound was actually discovered way back in the mid-1800s in paper-making factories. DMSO is a substance found in wood and was used in the paper-making process. Factory workers found that the liquid would affect their hands if they spilled any on their skin. One of the more interesting effects was when the workers claimed they would get a slight, garlicky flavor in their mouth shortly after spilling the liquid on their hands.

No harm ever came to the workers that were exposed to the DMSO liquid, and chemists all over became intrigued by the property of this substance. Over time, chemists and researchers explored the property of DMSO and it soon became a commonly used product in medical treatments over the years.

What Does DMSO Do?

One of the great attributes of DMSO is its anti-inflammatory properties. Doctors found DMSO to be extremely useful in reducing inflammation in joints and often prescribe it to patients experiencing chronic pain.

But that’s not the only thing DMSO can do. It can also help heal burns and wounds. DMSO is known to help decrease pain and increase the speed at which a wound (or inflammation) can be healed.

How Does DMSO Work?

Woman rubbing DMSO cream on her hand

The reason DMSO works so great to reduce inflammation is due to the fact that it is extremely effective at absorbing into the skin. DMSO can get to the source quickly and start reducing inflammation a lot quicker than other medications.

Another property DMSO has is allowing other medications to be absorbed quicker. DMSO not only soaks into your skin quickly, but it also helps aid other medications to pass through the skin barrier much quicker, making it easier for it to get right to the source.

DMSO comes in a few different forms: oral pill, injection, and a gel or cream. The gel form is most commonly used and is applied directly to the skin.

Enjoy the Benefits of DMSO

If you suffer from inflamed joints, achy muscles, or even headaches and need quick relief, a little bit of DMSO can go a long way and significantly improve your condition.

At Herbal Mana, we offer a variety of DMSO products you can apply directly to your skin.

It’s important to check with your doctor if you take other medication before using DMSO. Be sure it won’t react poorly with medications you are already taking before using it.

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