Crystal Points: The Benefits & How to Use them

Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, every healing gemstone can serve a unique purpose in your life. Much like friends and family, no two are alike; They're irreplaceable, bringing their own special energy to your life, contributing to your healing, happiness, and wholeness. Crystals points are no exception, embodying and transmuting healing crystal vibrations in a way no other formation can! So let's dive into what are crystal points, the benefits, and how to use crystal points!

How Healing Crystal Points Work

crystal points the benefits how to use them quartz crystal points close up on moss next to other crystals herbs

Among the most intensifying crystal formations, crystal points attract, direct, and focus healing energy to concentrate and intensify the healing properties of any crystal. The crystal point formation can cleanse, energize, amplify, attract, shield, protect, balance, and ground our homes, offices, and chakra systems, optimizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Useful wherever an added boost of crystal healing is needed, points raise the vibration of our aura or room by drawing in divine white light energy while draining negative energy down into the earth where it can be cleansed, neutralized, and transmuted into healing energy.

Whether hand carved or naturally formed, crystal points are potent conductors of energy because of their shape. Points should never curve or bend because their linear profile allows them to project past energetic and physical obstacles, delivering metaphysical "medicine" where we need it most!

Types of Crystal Points

Crystal points can be raw or polished into a smooth or faceted formation. While some people feel that natural crystals have stronger energy, the truth is, more intense isn't always better. Just as some may like their coffee a bit stronger for an added energy boost, and others prefer a mellower brew to avoid the jitters, raw points may be very healing for some but too concentrated for others. Moreover, every crystal is different; raw amethyst will have a different intensity than raw golden quartz. Much like tea drinkers may prefer their orange pekoe steeped longer or shorter than their Irish breakfast!

There are single terminated points and wands or double terminated points and wands. A single terminated point is a crystal that comes to a point on one end. The opposite end may be flat to be used as a standing tower or shorter point, or irregular because it is a raw stone. Double terminated crystals have two pointed ends. Both single and double points are used by practitioners as healing wands to promote healthy energy flow.

Crystal Point Benefits and Uses

Get Gridding

crystal points the benefits how to use them quartz points crystals in a grid with rose quartz on moss close up

You may have seen the elaborate layouts made by placing various crystals and, at times, herbs in geometric patterns. These grids can be used for just about any purpose, like attracting wealth or love, easing anxiety and pain, or improving sleep or meditation. The good news is, grids don't have to be complex to be effective! You can start by placing a single terminated tower in the center of your grid and just a few double points, tumbled, or raw stones around it. Clear quartz, golden healer quartz, and selenite are perfect for grids because they amplify energy. 

Healing Homeware 

Healing tower points can beautify a room's aesthetic and create a beautiful energetic atmosphere. Rose quartz can fill a bedroom with peace, love, and comfort, while tiger's eye would be excellent in a workspace, boosting energy, mental clarity, and strengthening the back to counteract long periods of sitting. 

High-Frequency Fashion  

When we wear crystal points as earrings or pendants, their direction will determine their effects; down means you are clearing energy, purifying it within the earth, up means you are drawing energy in or increasing energy levels. Double terminated (pointed) crystals provide the best of both worlds, maintaining energetic alignment throughout the day. Amethyst points are not only eye-catching, but they are also excellent for chakra balance.

The Wave of a Wand

Single or double terminated crystal wands put the power of healing in your hands! The direction you hold the crystal will govern where the energy flows. When a rod is pointed toward the feet, it is clearing, drawing out, and stabilizing; toward the head means you are drawing in, elevating, and amplifying.  Rainbow fluorite and green aventurine wands are readily available, and both stones are known for their broad healing properties. 

Final Thoughts

Remember to explore, experiment, and add a little playfulness to your practice. There are no right or wrong answers; you define this journey for yourself! As they say, your greatest healing tool may be your own intuition. Trust your process. 

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