Golden Quartz: Healing Properties, Benefits, & Uses

Golden quartz is believed by some to exceed Master Healer status!  We can all benefit from this beautiful crystal, so let's dive into golden quartz healing properties, benefits, and uses! Composed of clear quartz and iron oxide, the same mineral as metaphysical powerhouses like tiger’s eye and hematite. The clear quartz purifies, attracts, amplifies, transmutes, and shields, while the iron strengthens and fortifies the quartz’s effects and our own auric vibrations, giving the stone and its bearer limitless healing potential. 

Also known as golden healer quartz, it is a multipurpose crystal that aligns the whole chakra system but has a particularly powerful influence on the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras. Golden quartz is associated with the elements of earth and fire. Similar energy to the reliability, compassion and reassurance you feel around your Taurus or Virgo loved ones and the encouragement and lightheartedness inspired by friends and family born under the Sagittarius or Leo sun.

Golden Quartz Benefits & Healing Properties

golden quartz healing properties benefits uses close up of pile of tumbled golden healers quartz on wood

Have you ever been waiting for an important phone call, perhaps from a loved one overseas, only to be met with a poor staticky connection when it came? Or possibly after longing to see a friend, you finally ran into them, but it was at a bustling gathering, and you kept getting interrupted or drowned out by noise?

Think of these precious cherished conversations as the energy that courses through us. When it is blocked, impeded, or drowned out by energetic distractions, such as heartache, fatigue, anxiety, depression, trauma, and pain, we can feel disconnected from our authentic selves, friends, family, wisdom, intuition, passion, and life purpose. 

Golden quartz benefits us by opening the energetic channels, canceling all the distracting “noise,” removing blockages, and heightening our attunement and receptivity so we can be more open to the energy we need while protecting us against what we don’t. Cleansed, clear, and receptive, golden quartz helps us function better from tip to toe!

Spiritually, golden quartz heightens intuition allowing us to get back in touch with our higher selves, also known as the soul or spirit. For those who wish to explore the realm, or maybe just the possibility of spirit guides and angels, golden quartz is a wonderful crystal to guide the exploration or start the conversation.

Golden quartz improves cognitive function, significantly enhancing meditation and mindfulness, and expands our heart space, helping us process, heal, and release emotional pain, making room for more forgiveness, love, compassion, and relationship with ourselves and others.

While golden quartz is a stone of material success and wealth, it offers us so much more! Golden healer quartz can manifest physical prosperity, mental gifts, an abundance of the heart, and spiritual blessings, more than money can buy!

Crystals for Pairing with Golden Quartz

Combining golden quartz’s chakra healing properties with amethyst, selenite, or hematite can help achieve optimal chakra alignment and function.

For emotional healing, chevron amethyst, amazonite, and pink calcite complement golden quartz’s gifts of personal truth, self-compassion, and emotional release.

A stone of empowerment, golden quartz pairs wonderfully with citrine, pyrite, and garnet to help build confidence, strength, courage, motivation, and purpose.

For those interested in releasing past trauma, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, or heartache, the blend of golden quartz, rainbow moonstone, aquamarine, or rose quartz is very liberating.

Golden Quartz Uses

golden quartz healing properties benefits uses golden healers quartz bracelet resting on raw quartz stone

Often likened to the sunshine, golden quartz has a very concentrated yet gentle energy, making it an excellent stone for placing in an open room; charging plates, copper bowls, and other amplifiers are seldom required.

Earning its reputation as the Stone of Healers, some reiki healers, massage therapists, reflexologists, and osteopaths place golden quartz in the room or under the table during their sessions. If this is not a practice your practitioner already integrates, you may wish to discuss bringing your stones to your next session. 

Placing a few pieces of golden quartz near the entrance of your home or office is an easy, effective way to maintain the positivity and purity of your spaces and cast a divine light of protection on all as they exit them. 

Whenever possible, take a few quiet moments for yourself, placing the stones on places of pain, chakra points, like the third eye for meditation and stress relief, or the solar plexus chakra for self-confidence and vitality, or along the body’s midline for chakra alignment and experience the warming, soothing rays of universal life force. It’s like holding your own piece of the sun in your hands. Rain or shine, day or night, golden quartz’s light will never dim!


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