What is Crystal Healing?

Naomi Campbell, Shirley Maclaine, Adele, Victoria Beckham, and her husband David are just some people who have helped cast crystal healing into the spotlight! Have you ever seen some Himalayan salt lamps in the department store, selenite or rose quartz towers in the yoga studio or beauty salon, or a vibrant gemstone hanging from a friend's neck? You may have felt drawn to the stone's beauty, intrigued, curious, or questioned what is crystal healing and what all the excitement for these new-age crystals was about.

The truth is crystal healing is far from new age! This is no new-age fad but a resurgence of a trusted ancient healing modality! The use of crystals as spiritual tools and folk medicine has been documented as early as 4500 BCE, with origins in First Nations tribes, Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

What is Crystal Healing?

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Crystal healing is the practice of using crystals to direct healing frequencies throughout the body and aura to enhance well-being. You could think of crystals as satellite dishes, or even the bunny ears we used to fiddle with on top of the tv. They amplify and transmit high vibration frequencies to the mind, body, and spirit, fine-tuning them to your needs, fostering healing, balance, and wellness. For those familiar with energy healing or Reiki, it can help to think of the crystals as one would use their hands. Crystals are not the source but the conduit. 

We've touched upon how crystals work in previous installments of our crystal healing journey, "How Do Healing Crystals Work" and "Crystals for Beginnings" provide more detail, but in short, crystals absorb, channel, shield, and amplify energy based on their unique molecular structure. 

It is important to note crystals have not been scientifically proven to treat illness, only conduct energy. Nevertheless, crystals have been found to benefit people who use them, influencing wellness on many levels. This is due to the power of intention. If you believe crystals will help improve your life, they are more likely to do so. 

But don't be dissuaded if you still have some disbelief! As long as you are willingly willing, you can benefit from crystal healing.

The Benefits of Crystal Healing

Yes, even naysayers, those suspending judgment, or the cautiously optimistic can experience the benefits. As mentioned, crystal healing has a lot to do with intention setting. Setting an intention is the difference between thinking about an evening walk and calling a walking buddy early in the day to arrange a time for your stroll. 

Whether cleansing, charging, programming, or healing, we are encouraged to create a peaceful private space, allowing for a mindful, meditative state of mind whenever we engage with crystals.

This not only helps you reap the best of their healing frequencies, but it also provides a relaxing pause to breathe deeply, practice self-care, and calm your mind. Providing secondary benefits! Just as you would turn off the tv, put your phone on silent, and settle into your den for a chat with a dear friend, ensuring your mutual comfort, focus, and respect, you should do with your crystals. 

How to Practice Crystal Healing

Crystals can be used by directly interacting with the physical body and aura or indirectly, influencing the energy around us. Methods like placing crystals in selenite, copper, or crystal bowls in the room or in geometric patterns called grids are excellent ways to maintain whatever goals we have for our well-being as we go about our daily routine. Another way to do this is to infuse crystal energy into water, adding herbs, or scenting it with oils, to use as a room spray. 

While gemstone jewelry, like copper bangles often found in the drugstore, can also contribute to well-being, to get the most of these pieces, be sure to cleanse and charge them before wearing them to get the greatest benefit.

You can find more information on crystal care in the blogs "How to Cleanse Crystals" and "How to Charge Crystals."

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Perhaps the most common crystal healing method is body placement. It entails placing crystals on the chakra points. There are over 114 chakras in the human energy system, but familiarizing yourself with the 7 primary chakras can open doors to infinite healing opportunities. Each chakra influences body, mind, and spirit in different ways.

For instance, the solar plexus, located just below the sternum, influences digestion and elimination processes, self-esteem, motivation, purpose, and potential. The third eye chakra, located at the center of the forehead, influences headaches and vision, mental clarity and focus, intuition, and connection to Spirit.

A good rule of thumb is matching the chakra's color, generated by the speed of light at which it turns, with the crystals' colors. Therefore, by laying crystals like tiger's eye, citrine, or amber on the solar plexus, we can heal and align the associated organs, biological functions, emotional and mental states, and spiritual processes.

This is not a hard and fast rule!  Part of the journey is exploring different crystals, their placements, and effects, whether guided by a crystal healer or learning independently.

Remember, knowledge, much like crystals, is a treasure you can carry with you everywhere you go!


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