20 DMSO Uses You Might Not Know About

Ever heard of DMSO? No, it's not the latest street name for a trendy new dance move. It’s actually a powerhouse by-product from the paper-making process known scientifically as Dimethyl Sulfoxide. This not-so-talked-about gem has a superhero talent: it can sneak through your skin without the usual fuss, making it a fantastic sidekick in the battle against various ailments. Let’s dive into the top 20 undercover DMSO uses that might just make you its next advocate!

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior

DMSO acts as a mediator in the inflammatory war that rheumatoid arthritis wages on the body. Applying DMSO gels or creams to the affected joints helps to calm the immune response and reduce inflammation, providing noticeable relief. This simple topical application can make a significant difference, allowing for easier movement and less pain throughout the day.

2. Headache Hammer

When headaches strike, DMSO can be your quick relief ally. By applying DMSO to your temples, it works rapidly to penetrate the skin and soothe the pain. This can be especially useful for those who suffer from headaches frequently and are looking for a fast-acting, non-pharmaceutical remedy. 

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3. Chronic Pain Challenger

20 DMSO Uses you Might Not Know About woman leaning on desk while experiencing chronic pain

For those battling chronic pain, DMSO offers a beacon of hope. Its ability to reduce inflammation and block pain signals provides a dual approach to pain management. Regular application directly to the pain points can lead to significant improvements, helping individuals regain a more active and comfortable lifestyle.

4. Scar Smoother

DMSO is not just for immediate pain relief—it can also help in the long-term remedy of scars. By promoting healing and potentially decreasing the formation of new scar tissue, DMSO can improve the skin’s appearance. This is particularly beneficial for those who have scars from surgeries or injuries that have lingered for years.

5. Scleroderma Softener

Scleroderma patients often struggle with hardening of the skin, but DMSO may offer some softening relief. Its properties help to loosen the skin, making it more pliable and comfortable. While it’s not a cure, DMSO can improve the quality of life for those dealing with this challenging condition.

6. Osteoarthritis Optimizer

Osteoarthritis affects more than 30 million people in the US alone! It causes significant joint pain and stiffness, but DMSO can help alleviate these symptoms. By reducing inflammation within the joints, DMSO can improve mobility and decrease pain. Providing a major relief for those affected by this common condition.

7. Alzheimer’s Adjunct

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than six million people in the United States. DMSO won't cure Alzheimer's disease, but research has shown promise in helping manage certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. One study found that it helped provide a clearer sense of time and reduced cognitive disturbances over time. 

8. Burn Balm

DMSO's anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties make it a valuable remedy for burns. One study found that DMSO showed anti-inflammatory and healing effects in dogs with second-degree burns. 

For those recovering from minor burns, DMSO can be a gentle and effective treatment option. It helps to soothe the pain quickly and reduce inflammation, which can speed up the healing process. 

9. Raynaud’s Remedy

20 DMSO Uses you Might Not Know About close up man with hands up showing raynauds in fingertips

DMSO can improve circulation, which is particularly beneficial for those suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon. This condition severely restricts blood flow to the fingers and toes. Regular application may help lessen the severity of the symptoms, providing relief during cold spells.

10. Spinal Cord Support

For those suffering from spinal cord injuries, DMSO offers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving benefits that can aid in the initial recovery process. Although it cannot reverse the damage, it can significantly alleviate pain and reduce inflammation during rehabilitation.

11. Anxiety Alleviator

DMSO has anxiolytic properties that can help moderate anxiety-like behaviors. For those looking for alternative remedies, DMSO provides a potential option for managing anxiety without the use of traditional medications.

12. Sprains and Strains Soother

DMSO is highly effective in helping with sprains and strains by reducing inflammation and inhibiting the transmission of pain signals. Applying it topically soon after an injury can help accelerate the healing process and reduce the duration of pain.

13. Inflammation Interceptor

One of DMSO’s most notable properties is its ability to suppress inflammation. Whether applied topically or ingested, it has a proven track record of reducing inflammatory responses across various conditions, making it a versatile tool for managing inflammation.

14. Tendonitis Tackler

Tendonitis sufferers often turn to DMSO for relief from chronic pain and inflammation associated with this condition. By applying DMSO, patients may experience reduced stiffness and increased mobility in the affected tendons.

15. Bursitis Buffer

DMSO’s application can significantly ease the discomfort of bursitis. Its ability to penetrate deeply into tissues allows it to act quickly in reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, offering relief for those suffering from this painful condition.

16. Muscle Spasm Minimizer

20 DMSO Uses you Might Not Know About man holding his leg after muscle spams while running

According to one study, DMSO can provide quick relief and reduce the severity for those plagued by muscle spasms. Not only that, but additional studies have found that it helps reduce the severity and frequency of spasms, allowing for more comfortable and less disruptive days. But be sure to consult with your doctor if you're planning on using DMSO alongside any medication you may be taking. 

17. Muscle Stiffness and Soreness Solver

After strenuous activity or injury, muscle stiffness and soreness can be debilitating. DMSO helps alleviate these symptoms by relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation, making recovery smoother and faster. One study even found that DMSO was able to help smooth muscle in rabbits relax when it was applied.

18. Psoriasis Pacifier

DMSO has proven effective in managing psoriasis by reducing inflammation and soothing the affected areas. Regular use can help keep the symptoms at bay, providing relief from this persistent skin condition. Additional studies from as far back as the 1970s found that using full-strength DMSO and topical corticosteroids was very effective for treatment-resistant psoriasis.

19. Fibromyalgia Friend

For those dealing with fibromyalgia, DMSO can be a helpful integration in conjunction with your current treatment plan. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can help manage the aches and pains associated with the condition, improving overall quality of life.

20.  Eczema at Ease

Eczema sufferers may find relief in using DMSO, which helps reduce inflammation and itching. According to one study, when DMSO is applied topically, it can soothe the skin, providing relief from the constant irritation caused by eczema.

Final Thoughts

DMSO uses are still being thoroughly studied, as its benefits often come with minimal side effects. DMSO’s array of uses makes it a versatile addition to your wellness toolkit. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or skin conditions or just looking for natural relief, DMSO might just have the solution you need. 

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