Using DMSO For Muscle Pain

A lot of people are using DMSO as a way to decrease pain, increase healing and also increase the absorption rate of other ingredients. When used for muscle pain, DMSO may also be mixed with other ingredients, such as magnesium, which can help alleviate the pain.

Using DMSO for Muscle Pain

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Muscle pain is common and can occur for a variety of reasons, from dehydration to overuse and even because of mineral deficiency. When trying to relieve muscle pain, you’ll find that DMSO solutions that contain multiple ingredients known to alleviate muscle pain work best.


DMSO helps increase the absorption of many ingredients, allowing them to offer a higher level of potency and efficacy. When combined, pain relief is amplified.

A few of the ingredients that are often added to DMSO topicals and may be able to reduce muscle pain are:

  • CBD: One of the most promising ingredients is CBD. When applied to the skin or taken orally, CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation and also lower pain. CBD plays a major role in pain management and is a good option for anyone experiencing muscle pain and chronic pain.
  • Frankincense: Known for its great smell, frankincense has the ability to support your cellular function, reduce inflammation and also boost the immune system. Stress is also alleviated thanks to frankincense.
  • MSM: A potent ingredient that is known for its ability to help you recover from exercise and muscle injuries. MSM has been shown to help alleviate delayed onset muscle soreness and stiffness. Cellular damage and oxidative stress can also alleviated by using MSM. 
  • Magnesium: One of the most important minerals for the body. Magnesium plays a role in over 300 of the body’s functions. Magnesium helps assist with the repair of DNA and RNA, but the key to reducing muscle pain is that magnesium helps relax blood vessels, allowing more blood to enter the muscles. Higher blood flow also allows more nutrients to reach sore muscles.

These are just a few of the ingredients that can amplify the muscle pain-relieving properties of DMSO. Topical applications allow for targeted use that is able to penetrate the muscle for rapid relief.

DMSO Studies Relating to Muscle Pain

There is a lack of studies on DMSO for muscle pain, although there is plenty of anecdotal evidence among naturalists. Of the few studies available, the following are most promising:

2016 Study on Inflammation and Cytokine Production

A 2016 study suggests that DMSO can modulate the inflammatory response in the body. The study found that DMSO reduces cytokine production, which is responsible for inflammation and swelling.

Pain, especially when it involves swelling or is arthritic in nature, can be improved with DMSO.

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MSKCC Suggestions

The MSKCC suggests that DMSO may be useful for people that are suffering from a variety of conditions that cause inflammation and pain. The resource mentions that DMSO can help with pain relating to the bladder and arthritis. Muscle pain can also be alleviated.

1993 Nerve Pain Study

Nerve pain is some of the most intense pain a person will experience. While not muscle-related, this study demonstrates the ability of DMSO to reduce pain by blocking the nerve signals related to pain.

The study used DMSO at concentrations of 9% and 15% or higher.

Researchers also found that DMSO, which was rapidly absorbed by the skin, was able to relieve musculoskeletal pain when applied topically

How to Use DMSO for Muscle Pain

There are no hard guidelines on using DMSO because of a lack of studies. Guidelines that are available suggest that gels with a 25% concentration can be applied three or four times per day.

You can purchase DMSO in concentrations of 10% to 90%, but dilution should be considered to prevent any skin-related side effects.

From the studies that we’ve listed, the participants of the studies were able to improve their muscle pain by using the following dosing guidelines:

  • Administering DMSO twice per day to muscles has the potential to reduce swelling and inflammation. The treatment starts to alleviate symptoms in as little as seven days.
  • Topical application provides rapid absorption of DMSO and was effective almost immediately when applied with concentrations of 15% or higher. The minimum dosage level for pain blockage was a 9% concentration.

You'll want to experiment with the amount of DMSO you use to see what dosage is appropriate for you. Adhering to the instructions found on the cream, gel, or other product that you use is important to avoid potential skin irritation.

Muscle pain also requires you to stop straining the muscle, which may mean changing your activity to help the muscle heal. If you use DMSO, it can increase the healing process.

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