Crown Chakra: Crystals, Affirmations & More!

A fully open crown chakra is a rarity, resulting in total enlightenment like accounts of Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, or Krishna depict. Of course, we can still strive to achieve an active and reasonably open crown because not everyone needs to understand all the universe's mysteries! So how can you tell when your crown chakra is blocked?  What crown chakra crystals, affirmations, and more can help bring it into alignment? Keep reading to find out!

An Intro to the Crown Chakra

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When the 7th chakra is healthy, we are at peace, possess a clear vision for our lives and purpose, trust and receive comfort from Spirit, whatever Spirit may mean to us, and are filled with compassion for ourselves and others. Blissful, isn't it?

Enlivened by the frequency of Spirit, the 7th chakra is the doorway to spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, and universal connection. The last of the 7 primary chakras, the crown, can be found hovering a few inches above the head. Also known as Sahasrāra, derived from throne of divinity or bridge to the cosmos, its frequency can be violet like the viola flower or opalescent like Mother of Pearl. 

Signs of a Blocked Crown Chakra

If your Sahasrāra is blocked, you may experience vertigo, exhaustion, migraine, and headache. Mentally, it can lead to confusion, racing thoughts, and difficulty concentrating, meditating, and making decisions. Emotionally and spiritually, you could experience a sense of isolation, indifference to life, boredom, a lack of fulfillment, anxiety, or hopelessness, leading to bad habits like overeating, oversleeping, or compulsions like smoking. The root of these issues is often detachment from your higher purpose, the meaningfulness of life, or the miraculous and loving nature of the universe and the Divine. 

How to Heal, Activate & Align the Crown Chakra

Yoga for the Crown Chakra

The best asanas for the Sahasrāra are often about doing less rather than more. Gentle poses almost anyone can do, like Corpse Pose or Lotus Pose, can be deeply restorative, balancing the 7th chakra. Whereas breathwork like Alternate Nostril Breathing can energize and activate the crown.

Food for the Crown Chakra

While cleansing foods like ginger, garlic, and turmeric can bring alignment to the 7th chakra, this is not a chakra that benefits as much from what we do eat but rather what we don't. Avoiding overly processed, sugary, fatty foods is the best nourishment we can bring to your crown chakra and body!


Herbs & Oils for the Crown Chakra

Herbs and oils that inspire reflection and meditation like frankincense, sandalwood, and helichrysum can revitalize the 7th chakra. While herbs and oils that bring peace and hope like lavender, rose, and cedarwood promote balance. 

Crown Chakra Crystals

Purple and lilac crystals like kunzite, chevron amethyst, and charoite are most people's go-to for aligning the Sahasrāra. However, crystals like golden healer quartz, selenite, and celestite can invigorate the 7th chakra, amplifying spiritual connections, inspiring, and expanding higher vision.

Mental & Emotional Healing

Healing Activities & Hobbies for the Crown Chakra

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Again, healing the 7th chakra is rarely about doing more and often about doing less. When we can sit still, read, meditate, watch the clouds float by, or just observe our thoughts, we allow the crown chakra room to breathe and expand, opening the door to pure awareness. 

Simple pleasures like restorative sleep, which you can help achieve with a warm cup of tea before bed, adding lavender oil to your diffuser, and chevron amethyst under your pillow can also be profoundly nurturing for the Sahasrāra. It's all about slowing down and opening up!

Journal Prompts for the Crown Chakra

Reflecting on your relationship with your Higher Power, spiritual purpose, and unique role in the universe can heal the crown chakra, bringing you peace, presence, and pure awareness. Here is a few journal prompts to get you started:

  • How does Spirit or the Universe communicate with me?
  • How do/can I communicate with Spirit or the Universe?
  • What does "we are all one" mean to me?
  • How do I contribute to this spirit of oneness?

Crown Chakra Affirmations

The chakra of enlightenment is strengthened by being fully present. Take a few deep breaths before reciting these crown chakra affirmations, pausing to absorb each word, emotion, and vibration they create. While doing so, envision Divine white light or a violet flame flowing from the universe into the top of your head. 

  • I am present, peaceful, and aware
  • I am one with all there is
  • I surrender to my highest purpose
  • I am loved and supported by my Higher Power
  • Divine love and light flow to me, through me, and from me

Final Thoughts

Thank you for joining us on this journey of chakra discovery! Keep in mind that while each chakra has its own purpose and power, it is more effective to create a self-care routine that clears, activates, and aligns the whole chakra system. Ultimately, that's the secret to true happiness and hope, honoring who we are as individuals, uniting together in peace, love, and positivity. 

“The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety”

Felix Mendelssohn

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